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International News Coverage of Human Trafficking Arrests and Prosecutions: A Content Analytic Study
Unformatted Document Text:  CONCLUSION This study provides descriptive data on 191 incidents of human trafficking found by examining Google News search engine during the fall of 2008. Although all cases of human trafficking between January and June of 2007 were not captured, this study indicates numerous areas of human trafficking that require extensive hypothesizing and further research. The most salient point suggests that current trends in human trafficking research fail to comprehensively examine the female offender in the trafficking act. Further gaps in the area of human trafficking research determined by this study include the following: 1. The arrest and prosecution patterns suggest that current definitional issues of trafficking are capable of precluding the effectiveness of human trafficking legislation. Human trafficking definitions suggest that trafficking does not occur unless some type of exploitation occurs. This study found that several incidents of human smuggling were identified as human trafficking by both the media and law enforcement. Because the literature, media, and governments equate human trafficking with prostitution, cases of illegal immigration with women can be incorrectly defined as cases of human trafficking. This occurs because assumptions are made that migrant women are victims of trafficking and will be forced into prostitution. The results of this study suggest that women choose illegal migration and are not subjected to exploitation in relation to the migration event. The complexities of the human trafficking event create difficulties for prevention and punishment practices. If the events involved in human trafficking were defined as separate circumstances (recruitment, transport, and end user) it may be possible to better equip law enforcement with the 81

Authors: Denton, Erin.
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This study provides descriptive data on 191 incidents of human trafficking 
found by examining Google News search engine during the fall of 2008. 
Although all cases of human trafficking between January and June of 2007 were 
not captured, this study indicates numerous areas of human trafficking that 
require extensive hypothesizing and further research.  The most salient point 
suggests that current trends in human trafficking research fail to comprehensively 
examine the female offender in the trafficking act.  Further gaps in the area of 
human trafficking research determined by this study include the following:
1. The arrest and prosecution patterns suggest that current definitional 
issues of trafficking are capable of precluding the effectiveness of human 
trafficking legislation.   Human trafficking definitions suggest that trafficking 
does not occur unless some type of exploitation occurs. This study found 
that several incidents of human smuggling were identified as human 
trafficking by both the media and law enforcement.  Because the literature, 
media, and governments equate human trafficking with prostitution, cases 
of illegal immigration with women can be incorrectly defined as cases of 
human trafficking.  This occurs because assumptions are made that 
migrant women are victims of trafficking and will be forced into prostitution. 
The results of this study suggest that women choose illegal migration and 
are not subjected to exploitation in relation to the migration event.  The 
complexities of the human trafficking event create difficulties for 
prevention and punishment practices.  If the events involved in human 
trafficking were defined as separate circumstances (recruitment, transport, 
and end user) it may be possible to better equip law enforcement with the 

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