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International News Coverage of Human Trafficking Arrests and Prosecutions: A Content Analytic Study
Unformatted Document Text:  search engine encompassed all human trafficking arrests and prosecutions from January to June 2007. It is highly plausible that many more incidents regarding human trafficking existed in this time period. It is also expected that many cases of human trafficking arrests and prosecutions went unreported by news media. In addition, governments that limit the reporting ability of the press might not be represented in this study. Third, the decision to collect only articles available to the public, free of cost, and the lack of ability to import all cases collected into the NVivo database could result in the lack of analysis of cases of human trafficking. However, because the number of articles available at cost, as well as those that failed to upload, were equal over each monthly time period and search topic tagline, the loss of articles was equally represented throughout the study and should not have significantly disrupted the results. It is unlikely that all cases available at cost, or those that failed to upload, were related to sexual exploitation. This is a considerable postulation because the results of this study indicate previous numerical representations of human trafficking for sexual exploitation might be skewed. Fourth, the lack of human trafficking legislation in specific regions of the world could be conceived as a significant limitation. Certain nations, as indicated by the United Nations as highly likely to engage in human trafficking offences (UNODC, 2006), do not currently have legislation sanctioning against the trafficking of human beings. As such, it may be that these nations would be less likely to produce newspaper articles pertaining to human trafficking arrests and 84

Authors: Denton, Erin.
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search engine encompassed all human trafficking arrests and prosecutions from 
January to June 2007.  It is highly plausible that many more incidents regarding 
human trafficking existed in this time period.  It is also expected that many cases 
of human trafficking arrests and prosecutions went unreported by news media. 
In addition, governments that limit the reporting ability of the press might not be 
represented in this study. 
Third, the decision to collect only articles available to the public, free of 
cost, and the lack of ability to import all cases collected into the NVivo database 
could result in the lack of analysis of cases of human trafficking.  However, 
because the number of articles available at cost, as well as those that failed to 
upload, were equal over each monthly time period and search topic tagline, the 
loss of articles was equally represented throughout the study and should not 
have significantly disrupted the results.  It is unlikely that all cases available at 
cost, or those that failed to upload, were related to sexual exploitation.  This is a 
considerable postulation because the results of this study indicate previous 
numerical representations of human trafficking for sexual exploitation might be 
Fourth, the lack of human trafficking legislation in specific regions of the 
world could be conceived as a significant limitation.  Certain nations, as indicated 
by the United Nations as highly likely to engage in human trafficking offences 
(UNODC, 2006), do not currently have legislation sanctioning against the 
trafficking of human beings.  As such, it may be that these nations would be less 
likely to produce newspaper articles pertaining to human trafficking arrests and 

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