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The discursive reproduction of Chinese and Japanese national identities: Editorials and opinions of the East China Sea dispute in the China Daily and Daily Yomiuri
Unformatted Document Text:  News, identity and ideology 12 Table 1 – Editorials and Opinions of the China Daily and Daily Yomiuri during the month of September , 2010. Editorials/Opinions Semantic macrostructures 1 Japan’s action off Diaoyu raises concern (China Daily - Sep 10, p. 9) Japan’s arrest of the Chinese trawler captain was unreasonable since the Daioyu Islands are undisputedly part of China, supported by historical documents dating to the 1400s. 2 Chinese fishing boat captain's arrest reasonable(Daily Yomiuri - Sep 10, p. 11) The Japanese coastguard was right to arrest the captain as the islands are clearly part of Japan and its sovereignty was only contested in the 1970s by China and Taiwan after the discovery of potential lucrative gas reserves under the ocean. China should take a levelheaded approach and act to calm anti-Japanese sentiments among its population. 3 Japan must honor law of sea (China Daily – Sep 14, p. 9) China’s claim to the Daioyu Islands is supported by a wealth of historical evidence. Japan should release the captain, pay compensation and apologize for its actions. 4 Diaoyu dispute sowed by US (China Daily, Sep 15, p. 8) When the US returned Okinawa to Japan in 1972 it included the Daioyu and surrounding islands. The current dispute is rooted in the deliberate actions of the US to create friction in Sino-Japan ties. China and Japan should reach a consensus on the issue and work together to share the natural resources that can benefit both nations. 5 China shouldn't stir up anti-Japanese sentiment(Daily Yomiuri- Sep 17, p. 11) Japan is fully within its rights to arrest those suspected of engaging in illegal activities within its territory. China has adopted an excessive and unnecessary hardline on the collision issue in order to placate its citizens and to stir-up anti-Japanese sentiments. 6 Friendly advice to Japan(China Daily, Sep 23, p. 4) China’s countermeasures are fully justified since Japan’s claim to the islands is untenable and will hurt Sino-Japanese relations. Japan should respect historical facts and work towards a long-term and stable peace. 7 Chinese skipper's release a political decision(Daily Yomiuri- Sep 26, p. 11) The release of the Chinese captain was driven by the need to maintain good ties with China. The failure to prosecute the Chinese’s captain represented a back-down from its previous stance and may encourage China to be even more daring and provocative towards Japan in the future. 8 China shrugs off world opinion in bullying Japan (Daily Yomiuri- Sep 29, p. 12) China’s overbearing diplomacy and unreasonable counter measures shows the international community China’s heavy-handedness in coercing Japan into freeing the captain. Note: The Chinese trawler captain was released from detention on September 23, 2010

Authors: Chan, Michael.
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News, identity and ideology 12
Table 1 – Editorials and Opinions of the 
 China Daily
 Daily Yomiuri
  during the month of
September , 2010.
Semantic macrostructures
Japan’s action off Diaoyu raises 
concern (China Daily - Sep 10, p. 9)
Japan’s arrest of the Chinese trawler captain was 
unreasonable since the Daioyu Islands are undisputedly part 
of China, supported by historical documents dating to the 
Chinese fishing boat captain's arrest 
(Daily Yomiuri - Sep 10, p. 11)
The Japanese coastguard was right to arrest the captain as 
the islands are clearly part of Japan and its sovereignty was 
only contested in the 1970s by China and Taiwan after the 
discovery of potential lucrative gas reserves under the 
ocean. China should take a levelheaded approach and act to 
calm anti-Japanese sentiments among its population.
Japan must honor law of sea 
(China Daily – Sep 14, p. 9)
China’s claim to the Daioyu Islands is supported by a wealth 
of historical evidence. Japan should release the captain, pay 
compensation and apologize for its actions.
Diaoyu dispute sowed by US 
(China Daily, Sep 15, p. 8)
When the US returned Okinawa to Japan in 1972 it included 
the Daioyu and surrounding islands. The current dispute is 
rooted in the deliberate actions of the US to create friction in 
Sino-Japan ties. China and Japan should reach a consensus 
on the issue and work together to share the natural resources 
that can benefit both nations.
China shouldn't stir up anti-Japanese 
(Daily Yomiuri- Sep 17, p. 11)
Japan is fully within its rights to arrest those suspected of 
engaging in illegal activities within its territory. China has 
adopted an excessive and unnecessary hardline on the 
collision issue in order to placate its citizens and to stir-up 
anti-Japanese sentiments. 
Friendly advice to Japan
(China Daily, Sep 23, p. 4)
China’s countermeasures are fully justified since Japan’s 
claim to the islands is untenable and will hurt Sino-Japanese 
relations. Japan should respect historical facts and work 
towards a long-term and stable peace.
Chinese skipper's release a political 
(Daily Yomiuri- Sep 26, p. 11)
The release of the Chinese captain was driven by the need to 
maintain good ties with China. The failure to prosecute the 
Chinese’s captain represented a back-down from its 
previous stance and may encourage China to be even more 
daring and provocative towards Japan in the future.
China shrugs off world opinion in 
bullying Japan 
(Daily Yomiuri- Sep 29, p. 12)
China’s overbearing diplomacy and unreasonable counter 
measures shows the international community China’s 
heavy-handedness in coercing Japan into freeing the captain.
Note: The Chinese trawler captain was released from detention on September 23, 2010

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