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Not paid to play: A case study of online community participants and the effects of non-monetary motivation upon public journalism
Unformatted Document Text:  NOT PAID TO PLAY 15 normative  approach,  such  as  providing  a  marketplace  for  free  expression  and  dialogue,  are  occurring  within  a  news  environment.  By  expanding  the  reach  of   normative  theory  to  citizens,  we  propose  that  future  research  should  look  more  closely  at  the  standards  and  ethics  under  which  community  participants  perform  a   journalistic  role.   One  shortcoming  of  this  paper  is  that  we  did  not  evaluate  the  content  of  the   blogs  and  audience  reception  and  perception  of  the  bloggers.  In  order  to  truly   understand  the  phenomena  of  public  journalism  and  the  motivation  of  online  bloggers  and  news  organizations,  one  should  consider  the  aspects  of  media  production,  distribution,  and  reception  of  messages.     As  former  journalists,  we  appreciate  the  multiple  dimensions  of  newswork   and  the  cultural  influences  that  appear  outside  traditional  journalistic  practices.  It  is   not  important  to  look  merely  at  journalism  as  a  profession,  but  to  explore  the  journalistic  role  of  anyone  in  the  society  who  can  participate  in  the  public  sphere.   As  stated  earlier,  this  study  presents  issues  of  motivation  of  both  community   participants  and  mainstream  news  media  in  creating  public  journalism.  This  study  proposes  that  media  scholars  and  journalists  alike  ask  the  following  questions  in  the  future:  First,  we  must  ask  to  what  degree  compensation  –  or  lack  thereof  –   influences  the  purpose,  goals,  standards  and  practices  of  publically  engaged  and  citizen-­‐produced  content  for  news  outlets.  And  second,  it  is  important  to  explore  to   what  degree  publically  engaged  practice  of  journalistic  efforts  influence  the  theoretical  nature  of  what  public  journalism  hopes  to  achieve.  

Authors: Gutsche Jr, Robert. and Arif, Rauf.
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normative  approach,  such  as  providing  a  marketplace  for  free  expression  and  
dialogue,  are  occurring  within  a  news  environment.  By  expanding  the  reach  of  
normative  theory  to  citizens,  we  propose  that  future  research  should  look  more  
closely  at  the  standards  and  ethics  under  which  community  participants  perform  a  
journalistic  role.  
One  shortcoming  of  this  paper  is  that  we  did  not  evaluate  the  content  of  the  
blogs  and  audience  reception  and  perception  of  the  bloggers.  In  order  to  truly  
understand  the  phenomena  of  public  journalism  and  the  motivation  of  online  
bloggers  and  news  organizations,  one  should  consider  the  aspects  of  media  
production,  distribution,  and  reception  of  messages.    
As  former  journalists,  we  appreciate  the  multiple  dimensions  of  newswork  
and  the  cultural  influences  that  appear  outside  traditional  journalistic  practices.  It  is  
not  important  to  look  merely  at  journalism  as  a  profession,  but  to  explore  the  
journalistic  role  of  anyone  in  the  society  who  can  participate  in  the  public  sphere.  
As  stated  earlier,  this  study  presents  issues  of  motivation  of  both  community  
participants  and  mainstream  news  media  in  creating  public  journalism.  This  study  
proposes  that  media  scholars  and  journalists  alike  ask  the  following  questions  in  the  
future:  First,  we  must  ask  to  what  degree  compensation  –  or  lack  thereof  –  
influences  the  purpose,  goals,  standards  and  practices  of  publically  engaged  and  
citizen-­‐produced  content  for  news  outlets.  And  second,  it  is  important  to  explore  to  
what  degree  publically  engaged  practice  of  journalistic  efforts  influence  the  
theoretical  nature  of  what  public  journalism  hopes  to  achieve.  

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