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Paying Her Dues: The Early Career of Pioneering Broadcaster Pauline Frederick
Unformatted Document Text:  1 “Spinster at the News Mike, Newsweek, October 22, 1947, p. 66. 2 Myrna Oliver, “Pauline Frederick Dies at 84; Helped to Open Broadcast Journalism to Women,” Los Angeles Times, May 11, 1990. 3 Gay Talese, “Perils of Pauline,” Saturday Evening Post, Nov. 26, 1963, pp. 20-22. 4 Nearly all the obituaries of Frederick listed her birth year as 1906, although during her career it was frequently noted in stories about her that she was born in 1908. 5 This biographical information is taken from Notable American Women: A Biographical Dictionary: Completing the 20 th Century, volume 15, 2004, pp. 223-4. 6 See Carolyn D. Tozier’s unpublished doctoral dissertation, “Pauline Frederick and the Rise of Network Television News, 1948-1960”, University of Maryland, 1995. Frederick’s sister and a good friend tell Tozier that Frederick was self-conscious about her appearance, and Frederick mentioned this later in her life in interviews. 7 Copies of her grade cards are among her personal papers at Smith College. 8 This newspaper was found among her personal papers. 9 The yearbook is among her papers at Smith College. 10 Frederick’s sister told Carolyn Tozier this in an interview with her. 11 Frederick often talked about this in interviews later in her life when she was a seasoned reporter and commentator. 12 Tozier. 13 Talese, p. 22. 14 Tozier. 15 These newspaper clippings were found among her personal papers. 16 Tozier makes this connection between the people in her dissertation. 17 Tozier names the specific professor who offered this advice, but Frederick talked about him repeatedly during interviews. 18 Doris Willens, “Pauline Frederick: Only Woman Who….” Editor & Publisher, Feb. 23, 1949, p. 42. 19 See Marion Marzolf’s Up from the Footnote, New York: Hastings House, 1977, p. 54.

Authors: Greenwald, Marilyn.
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 “Spinster at the News Mike, Newsweek, October 22, 1947, p. 66.
 Myrna Oliver,
“Pauline Frederick Dies at 84; Helped to Open Broadcast Journalism to Women,” Los  
Angeles Times, May 11, 1990.
 Gay Talese, “Perils of Pauline,” Saturday Evening Post, Nov. 26, 1963, pp. 20-22.
 Nearly all the obituaries of Frederick listed her birth year as 1906, although during her career it was 
frequently noted in stories about her that she was born in 1908. 
 This biographical information is taken from Notable American Women: A Biographical Dictionary:  
Completing the 20
 Century, volume 15, 2004, pp. 223-4.
 See Carolyn D. Tozier’s unpublished doctoral dissertation, “Pauline Frederick and the Rise of 
Network Television News, 1948-1960”, University of Maryland, 1995. Frederick’s sister and a good 
friend tell Tozier that Frederick was self-conscious about her appearance, and Frederick mentioned this 
later in her life in interviews.
 Copies of her grade cards are among her personal papers at Smith College.
 This newspaper was found among her personal papers.
 The yearbook is among her papers at Smith College.
 Frederick’s sister told Carolyn Tozier this in an interview with her. 
 Frederick often talked about this in interviews later in her life when she was a seasoned reporter and 
 Talese, p. 22.
 These newspaper clippings were found among her personal papers.
 Tozier makes this connection between the people in her dissertation.
 Tozier names the specific professor who offered this advice, but Frederick talked about him 
repeatedly during interviews.
 Doris Willens, “Pauline Frederick: Only Woman Who….” Editor & Publisher, Feb. 23, 1949, p. 42.
 See Marion Marzolf’s Up from the Footnote, New York: Hastings House, 1977, p. 54.

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