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The Emergence of Social Media & the Political Crisis in Pakistan
Unformatted Document Text:  Social media & political crisis in Pakistan 18 Visual and Textual Analysis of the Second Video This video 2 was uploaded on November 6, 2007. At the time of analysis (October 28 2010), the video had been viewed by 7,861 people. The video’s duration is one minute and 18 seconds. It was uploaded by the publisher “Y” (pseudonym) from Lahore, a Pakistani city. The video was a live recording of a police raid on peaceful protesters, mostly lawyers who were demonstrating against the imposition of martial laws in the country. The video shows the beating and arrests of the demonstrators by members of the state agencies. In the video, the protesters are being brutally tortured and arrested one by one by the police. In the video, the protesters chanting slogans “Go Musharraf Go” can also be heard easily. Analysis of the video showed that journalists with their cameras were trying to capture the whole scene of police brutality. Although the media were banned from covering any such political protest against the government and the transmission of all the privately run television channels was blocked, journalists were covering these protests. Most viewers of this video were males between the ages of 25 and 54. This video was also uploaded under the category of “News and Politics.” The tags used for this video on the YouTube include: “Lahore,” “Pakistan,” “No Comment,” “Musharraf,” “Police,” “news,” and “politics” (Video 2, 2007). Viewers’ Comments on the Second Video Out of 7,861 viewers, only five comments were posted on the video. These comments were not from the same people who had commented on the first video. The textual analysis of these comments revealed that three comments supported the video’s message, and approved the 2

Authors: Arif, Rauf.
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Social media & political crisis in Pakistan 18
Visual and Textual Analysis of the Second Video 
This video
  was uploaded on November 6, 2007. At the time of analysis (October 28 
2010), the video had been viewed by 7,861 people. The video’s duration is one minute and 18 
seconds. It was uploaded by the publisher “Y” (pseudonym) from Lahore, a Pakistani city. 
The video was a live recording of a police raid on peaceful protesters, mostly lawyers 
who were demonstrating against the imposition of martial laws in the country. The video shows 
the beating and arrests of the demonstrators by members of the state agencies. In the video, the 
protesters are being brutally tortured and arrested one by one by the police. In the video, the 
protesters chanting slogans “Go Musharraf Go” can also be heard easily. 
Analysis of the video showed that journalists with their cameras were trying to capture 
the whole scene of police brutality. Although the media were banned from covering any such 
political protest against the government and the transmission of all the privately run television 
channels was blocked, journalists were covering these protests. Most viewers of this video were 
males between the ages of 25 and 54. This video was also uploaded under the category of “News 
and Politics.” The tags used for this video on the YouTube include: “Lahore,” “Pakistan,” “No 
Comment,” “Musharraf,” “Police,” “news,” and “politics” (Video 2, 2007).
Viewers’ Comments on the Second Video
Out of 7,861 viewers, only five comments were posted on the video. These comments 
were not from the same people who had commented on the first video. The textual analysis of 
these comments revealed that three comments supported the video’s message, and approved the 

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