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Coverage of Islam in the Egyptian Press
Unformatted Document Text:  “Swiss president warned of conspiracy to deport Muslims” (el-Hofy, 2009). The article argues that if Coptics want to have better standing in Egypt, they need to make meaningful contributions to Egyptian society. Interestingly enough this content analysis located almost no coverage in Al Ahram Weekly of the Nag Hammadi shooting, which was a key moment of violence between Coptics and Muslims. This is significant because the state-run Al Ahram is considered the paper of record in Egypt. This could represent a difference between the Arabic and English language paper, a willful dismissal of the subject as newsworthy, or a side-effect of the sensitivity of the topic. In this research only one article was found on the subject in Al Ahram Weekly. And this fits in with the larger trend that less coverage affecting the theme “Relations with Christianity” is present in Al Ahram Weekly than in Daily News Egypt—if only by a little—or Al-Masry Al-Youm. In one of the expected results, there was a heavy emphasis on “World Affairs” in the sample—50 articles. Now in part this may be an indication of the audience, primarily elite Egyptians and foreigners, and in part this may be an indication of Lynch’s theory that it’s easier to cover a neighboring country than one’s own (Lynch, 2006). There were also 21 articles that discussed East/West relations and usually these centered on relations with Britain or the United States. There were 12 articles that appeared as Anti-Western, but here it’s key to note that most of them (10) were from Al Ahram Weekly. No such article appeared in Daily News Egypt and only two appeared in Al-Masry Al-Youm. Another interesting trend was the number of articles relating to violence. For the term “terrorism,” events like the Nag Hammadi shooting were removed. They were, 14

Authors: Perreault, Gregory.
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“Swiss president warned of conspiracy to deport Muslims” (el-Hofy, 2009). The article 
argues that if Coptics want to have better standing in Egypt, they need to make 
meaningful contributions to Egyptian society. 
Interestingly enough this content analysis located almost no coverage in Al 
Ahram Weekly of the Nag Hammadi shooting, which was a key moment of violence 
between Coptics and Muslims. This is significant because the state-run Al Ahram is 
considered the paper of record in Egypt. This could represent a difference between the 
Arabic and English language paper, a willful dismissal of the subject as newsworthy, or a 
side-effect of the sensitivity of the topic. In this research only one article was found on 
the subject in Al Ahram Weekly. And this fits in with the larger trend that less coverage 
affecting the theme “Relations with Christianity” is present in Al Ahram Weekly than in 
Daily News Egypt—if only by a little—or Al-Masry Al-Youm
In one of the expected results, there was a heavy emphasis on “World Affairs” in 
the sample—50 articles. Now in part this may be an indication of the audience, primarily 
elite Egyptians and foreigners, and in part this may be an indication of Lynch’s theory 
that it’s easier to cover a neighboring country than one’s own (Lynch, 2006). There were 
also 21 articles that discussed East/West relations and usually these centered on relations 
with Britain or the United States. There were 12 articles that appeared as Anti-Western, 
but here it’s key to note that most of them (10) were from Al Ahram Weekly. No such 
article appeared in Daily News Egypt and only two appeared in Al-Masry Al-Youm. 
Another interesting trend was the number of articles relating to violence. For the 
term “terrorism,” events like the Nag Hammadi shooting were removed. They were, 

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