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Great Planes: National Media’s Understanding of America’s “Flyover Country”
Unformatted Document Text:  Great Planes: National Media’s Understanding of America’s “Flyover Country” 22 McMullen, W. J. & Solomon, M. (1994). The politics of adaptation: Steven Spielberg’s appropriation of The Color Purple. Text and Performance Quarterly, 14, 158-174. Mitra, A, & Watts, E. (2002). Theorizing cyberspace: The idea of voice applied to the internet discourse. New Media and Society, 4(4), 479-498. thNasser, H. E. (2007, August 13). Life on the great plains is anything put plain, simple; Region tries to adapt to decline in farming and population losses by going back to its roots; nature. USA Today, A1. Nasser, H. E. (2008, August 6). Rural america outgrows label; communities with urbanlike woes fall through cracks of farm-driven policies. USA Today, A3. O’Driscoll, P. & Capella, C. (2004, February 6). ‘Arctic express’ keeps states on ice; many areas shivering through record lows and heavy snowfall. USA Today, A1. O’Driscoll, P. (2007, May 7). Weekend storms signal deadly year; twisters blast Kansas, kill at least 10 people. USA Today, A1. Olsson, H. (2008, October 3). Nebraska, with a paddle. The New York Times, F1. Perivolaris, J. D. (2007). ‘Porto rico’: The view from National Geographic, 1899-1924. Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 84, 197-211 Robbins, J. (2005, November 17). Milestone approaches in bid to restore the great plains. The New York Times, A19. Rothman, E. (2005, September 2). Great plains, pure golf. The New York Times, F1. Said, E. W. (1979). Orientalism. New York: Vintage Books. Schein, L. (1997). Gender and internal orientalism in china. Modern China, 23(1), 69-98. Seelye, K. Q. (2003, January 26). Yellowstone bison thrive, but success breeds peril. The New York Times, A16. Shils, E. (1975). Centre and periphery. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Authors: Hough, Brian.
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Great Planes: National Media’s Understanding of America’s “Flyover Country” 22
McMullen, W. J. & Solomon, M. (1994).  The politics of adaptation: Steven Spielberg’s
appropriation of The Color PurpleText and Performance Quarterly, 14, 158-174.
Mitra, A, & Watts, E. (2002). Theorizing cyberspace: The idea of voice applied to the internet 
discourse. New Media and Society, 4(4), 479-498. 
thNasser, H. E. (2007, August 13). Life on the great plains is anything put plain, simple; Region 
tries to adapt to decline in farming and population losses by going back to its roots; 
nature. USA Today, A1. 
Nasser, H. E. (2008, August 6). Rural america outgrows label; communities with urbanlike woes 
fall through cracks of farm-driven policies. USA Today, A3. 
O’Driscoll, P. & Capella, C. (2004, February 6). ‘Arctic express’ keeps states on ice; many areas 
shivering through record lows and heavy snowfall. USA Today, A1. 
O’Driscoll, P. (2007, May 7). Weekend storms signal deadly year; twisters blast Kansas, kill at 
least 10 people. USA Today, A1. 
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of Hispanic Studies, 84, 197-211 
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New York Times, A19. 
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York Times, A16. 
Shils, E.  (1975). Centre and periphery. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 

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