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Why Students Major in Advertising
Unformatted Document Text:  Why students major Thus, students perceived that one of two personality types or a combination of the two personality types constituted a good fit for advertising. Being expressive and creative (88 percent) was mentioned much more often than being business-oriented (07 percent). 3. Experience. Students wrote about an internship, a class, or general work experience leading them to choose an advertising major. S34Y2 wrote, “I am doing an internship with an advertising agency. Part of my experience has been in the billing department—typing and mailing out bills. This has given me invaluable computer knowledge and first-hand experience in customer service.” Another student, S35Y2, merely noted, “ I have recently acquired a summer internship with an agency in Nashville.” Students noted that other classes and majors sometimes led them to the advertising major. S15Y3 wrote, “Ever since I took my first graphic communication class in the tenth grade, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in advertising. A marketing major revealed, “After taking the (advertising principles) course, I realized advertising was where I could see a better fit for my interests and talents as well as where I could see my career goals evolving.” Other students noted work experience more broadly influencing their choice of major. S50Y3 revealed, “Through the jobs I have had so far I have come to realize that I do well in fast-paced and high pressure environments.” Media exposure was yet another factor leading to an interest in advertising. S10Y2 noted, “I have been interested in advertising since childhood. When I was a little girl my favorite part of television programs was the commercials.” S55Y2, wrote “When I was a child I would read my mother’s magazines and tear out the advertisements that stood out the most to me. This eventually led to a near obsession with the Absolute Vodka ad campaign.” Yet another revealed, “As a child I was amazed by advertisements. Memorizing a commercial’s song and dialogue was something I did often. I was not the person who went to the refrigerator when the commercial(s) came on. I enjoyed watching them.” Of the various experiences leading the applicants to an advertising major, taking a class was mentioned on 42 percent of the essays; being exposed to advertising was mentioned on 28 percent, having work experience was mentioned on 26 percent, and having an internship was mentioned on 08 percent. 4. Reasons to work in advertising. Students imagined a very direct connection between majoring in advertising and opportunity. S7Y3 declared, “For a person with an advertising degree, the choices are endless as to what you can do,” while S1Y1 noted, “Because the field of communications is so amazingly broad, the profession of advertising offers an amazingly extensive array of opportunities. This enables me to grow and change as my career progresses.” Some students chose advertising because of its variety. S35Y1 saw that advertising was “a perfect mix of art and business,” and S30Y3 regarded advertising as offering “a pleasant mixture of things I truly enjoy: people, arts, design, and media.” Although career opportunity was the dominant reason offered for choosing a career in advertising, some students did see opportunity to contribute to the greater good. “I want to be a positive influence in the media world… . I want to work to change that negative image,” wrote S26Y1, and S24Y3 offered, “I would like to pursue advertising has an immense impact on society.” Academic reputation of the program drew some students to the major. S13Y1 wrote, “The reputation of the Department of Advertising, gifted faculty, and endless opportunities in this field significantly influenced my decision to choose advertising as my field of study.” Other

Authors: Taylor, Ron.
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Why students major
Thus, students perceived that one of two personality types or a combination of the two 
personality types constituted a good fit for advertising. Being expressive and creative (88 
percent) was mentioned much more often than being business-oriented (07 percent).
3.   Experience.  Students wrote about an internship, a class, or general work experience 
leading  them to choose an advertising major. S34Y2 wrote, “I am doing an internship with an 
advertising agency.  Part of my experience  has been in the billing department—typing and 
mailing out bills.  This has given me invaluable computer knowledge and first-hand experience 
in customer service.”  Another student, S35Y2, merely noted, “ I have recently acquired a 
summer internship with an agency in Nashville.”
Students noted that other classes and majors sometimes led them to the advertising major. 
S15Y3 wrote, “Ever since I took my first graphic communication class in the tenth grade, I knew 
I wanted to pursue a career in advertising.   A marketing major revealed, “After taking the 
(advertising principles) course, I realized advertising was where I could see a better fit for my 
interests and talents as well as where I could see my career goals evolving.”  Other students 
noted work experience more broadly influencing their choice of major.  S50Y3 revealed, 
“Through the jobs I have had so far I have come to realize that I do well in fast-paced and high 
pressure environments.”
Media exposure was yet another factor leading to an interest in advertising.  S10Y2 
noted, “I have been interested in advertising since childhood.  When I was a little girl my favorite 
part of television programs was the commercials.”  S55Y2, wrote “When I was a child I would 
read my mother’s magazines and tear out the advertisements that stood out the most to me.  This 
eventually led to a near obsession with the Absolute Vodka ad campaign.”  Yet another revealed, 
“As a child I was amazed by advertisements.  Memorizing a commercial’s song and dialogue 
was something I did often.  I was not the person who went to the refrigerator when the 
commercial(s) came on.  I enjoyed watching them.”
Of the various experiences leading the applicants to an advertising major, taking a class 
was mentioned on 42 percent of the essays; being exposed to advertising was mentioned on 28 
percent, having work experience was mentioned on 26 percent, and having an internship was 
mentioned on 08 percent.
4.  Reasons to work in advertising.  Students imagined a very direct connection between 
majoring in advertising and opportunity.   S7Y3 declared, “For a person with an advertising 
degree, the choices are endless as to what you can do,” while S1Y1 noted, “Because the field of 
communications is so amazingly broad, the profession of advertising offers an amazingly 
extensive array of opportunities.  This enables me to grow and change as my career progresses.”  
Some students chose advertising because of its variety.  S35Y1 saw that advertising was 
“a perfect mix of art and business,” and S30Y3 regarded advertising as offering “a pleasant 
mixture of things I truly enjoy:  people, arts, design, and media.”
Although career opportunity was the dominant reason offered for choosing a 
career in advertising, some students did see opportunity to contribute to the greater good.  “I 
want to be a positive influence in the media world… . I want to work to change that negative 
image,” wrote S26Y1, and S24Y3 offered, “I would like to pursue advertising has an 
immense impact on society.” 
Academic reputation of the program drew some students to the major.  S13Y1 wrote, 
“The reputation of the Department of Advertising, gifted faculty, and endless opportunities in 
this field significantly influenced my decision to choose advertising as my field of study.”   Other 

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