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Why Students Major in Advertising
Unformatted Document Text:  Why students major The analysis presented here suggests that there are enduring reasons why students choose to major in advertising. Advertising is described as a major that allows for and encourages creative expression and that fits the personality of the student. Advertising is also seen as demanding management and organizational skills. Students see a direct connection between majoring in advertising and being successful in the advertising business. They acknowledge the pervasiveness of advertising and the majority of students entering the major are attracted to jobs in creative. Although the essays examined here all come from students across one decade at one university, the findings may be relevant to programs at other universities as well. Big State U’s course offerings and structure is very similar to that at other big state u’s and advertising is a national phenomenon. Surveys of students across universities support the findings here with one interesting insight. When students are close to entering the job market, there is strong preference for positions in account management, not creative. This suggests that one effect of majoring in advertising is that students shift their career goals from creative to account management, which may be a more reasonable and attainable goal for the advertising graduate of the big state u’s. ReferencesCorbin, J., Strauss, A. (2008). Basics of Qualitative Research. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Fullerton, J.,Kendrick, A. & Frazier, C. (2006). An analysis of career aspirations of 1,200 U.S. advertising students. Journal of Advertising Education 10 (1), 5-1. Fullerton, J. Kendrick, A., Frazier, C. (2009). Advertising student career preferences: A National Survey. Journal of Advertising Education 13 (2), 70-74. Perakyla, A. (2005) Analyzing talk and text. In N. Denzin and Y. Lincoln (Eds.), The Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research (pp.869- 886). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Ross, B. Richards, J. A (Eds.) (2008). A Century of Advertising Education. American Academy of Advertising.

Authors: Taylor, Ron.
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Why students major
The analysis presented here suggests that there are enduring reasons why students choose 
to major in advertising. Advertising is described as a major that allows for and encourages 
creative expression and that fits the personality of the student.  Advertising is also seen as 
demanding management and organizational skills.  Students see a direct connection between 
majoring in advertising and being successful in the advertising business.  They acknowledge the 
pervasiveness of advertising and the majority of students entering the major are attracted to jobs 
in creative.
Although the essays examined here all come from students across one decade at one 
university, the findings may be relevant to programs at other universities as well.  Big State U’s 
course offerings and structure is very similar to that at other big state u’s and advertising is a 
national phenomenon.  Surveys of students across universities support the findings here with one 
interesting insight.  When students are close to entering the job market, there is strong preference 
for positions in account management, not creative.  This suggests that one effect of majoring in 
advertising is that students shift their career goals from creative to account management, which 
may be a more reasonable and attainable goal for the advertising graduate of the big state u’s.  
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of Advertising.

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