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How a Public Evaluate an Organization’s Official Statement to pursue Organizational Transparency: An Impact of Organizational Claims to Truth on the Public’s Perception of Credibility toward the Content
Unformatted Document Text:  Running head: How a Public Evaluate an Organization’s Official Statement to pursue Organizational Transparency 24 to examine potential mediators or control variables such as perceived severity of a crisis, predictability and controllability of a crisis, and crisis response strategies used in a given crisis (Coombs, & Holladay, 1996. 2008). The second limitation is that we rely on a convenient sample of college students. However, the organization used in a given study targets young consumers too, including college students. In addition, Basil and colleagues also ascertained that the use of students sample would not violate the validity of logical conclusion (Basil, Brown, & Bocarnea, 2002). Future research needs to include adult populations to see whether the transparency claim and its perceived credibility matter for people in giving their verdict an organization. Finally, in terms of examining the transparency scale, the current study examined internal consistency among the newly arranged items, but not the stability of the scale. Future investigators might use the test and retest method to investigate whether suggested variables generate stable result across time. At the same time, additional research may explore whether the suggested scale is generalizable to other types of crisis situation. This finding provides empirical support for consensus on various conceptualization of transparency. Conclusion In conclusion, the result of this analysis offers great promise to crisis communication scholars and practitioners interested in assessing organizations’ transparency efforts operated on its official statement. There is significant potential for claiming a message as truth which is constructed by an organization, if such truth claim is regarded as to enhance message credibility in the ways that our data suggest. When transparency is perceived to be critical elements during crisis, the claim to truth would be beneficial to public relations practitioners in tailoring their voice as to be authentic.

Authors: Kim, Bo Kyung. and Hong, Seoyeon.
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Running head: How a Public Evaluate an Organization’s Official Statement to pursue 
Organizational Transparency 
to examine potential mediators or control variables such as perceived severity of a crisis, 
predictability and controllability of a crisis, and crisis response strategies used in a given crisis 
(Coombs, & Holladay, 1996. 2008).  
The second limitation is that we rely on a convenient sample of college students. 
However, the organization used in a given study targets young consumers too, including college 
students. In addition, Basil and colleagues also ascertained that the use of students sample would 
not violate the validity of logical conclusion (Basil, Brown, & Bocarnea, 2002). Future research 
needs to include adult populations to see whether the transparency claim and its perceived 
credibility matter for people in giving their verdict an organization.  
Finally, in terms of examining the transparency scale, the current study examined internal 
consistency among the newly arranged items, but not the stability of the scale. Future 
investigators might use the test and retest method to investigate whether suggested variables 
generate stable result across time. At the same time, additional research may explore whether the 
suggested scale is generalizable to other types of crisis situation. This finding provides empirical 
support for consensus on various conceptualization of transparency.  
In conclusion, the result of this analysis offers great promise to crisis communication 
scholars and practitioners interested in assessing organizations’ transparency efforts operated on 
its official statement. There is significant potential for claiming a message as truth which is 
constructed by an organization, if such truth claim is regarded as to enhance message credibility 
in the ways that our data suggest. When transparency is perceived to be critical elements during 
crisis, the claim to truth would be beneficial to public relations practitioners in tailoring their 
voice as to be authentic.  

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