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Examining Metaphors in Biopolitical Discourse
Unformatted Document Text:  Metaphors in Biopolitics, page 42 Groopman, J. (2007 October 15). Silent minds: What scanning techniques are revealing about vegetative patients. The New Yorker. Hardball (2005 March 20). MSNBC. Transcript retrieved July 9, 2008, Lexis-Nexis database. Harrison, G. (1966). Taxman. On Revolver [record album], G. Martin, producer. United Kingdom: Parlophone. Hellsten, I. (2000). Dolly: Scientific breakthrough or Frankenstein's monster? Journalistic and scientific metaphors of cloning. Metaphor and Symbol 15, (4), 213-221. Hellsten, I. (2003). Focus on Metaphors: The case of Frankenfood' on the web. Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication 8(4). Hotakainen, R. (2011 March 9). Genetically altered salmon spook Northwest lawmakers. McClatchy News Service. Retrieved March 10, 2011 from spook.html Howe, J. (2008). Argument is argument: An essay on conceptual metaphor and verbal dispute. Metaphor and Symbol, 23, 1-23 In the mail: Few North Dakotans pay estate tax (2006 July 25). Grand Forks Herald. Grand Forks: n.p. Retrieved March 1, 2011, Lexis-Nexis database. Jalonick, M. C. (2010 September 20). Super salmon or Frankenfish? FDA to decide. Associated Press. Jerolmack, C. (2008). How Pigeons Became Rats: The Cultural-Spatial Logic of Problem Animals. Social Problems 55(1): 72-94. Johnson, C. K. ( 2006 June 15) Wealthy foreign couples travel to U.S. to choose baby's sex. The Associated Press. Retrieved March 1, 2011 from Lexis-Nexis.

Authors: Coleman, Cynthia-Lou. and Ritchie, L. David.
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Metaphors in Biopolitics, page 
Groopman, J. (2007 October 15). Silent minds: What scanning techniques are revealing 
about vegetative patients. The New Yorker. 
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Kingdom: Parlophone.
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and scientific metaphors of cloning. Metaphor and Symbol 15, (4), 213-221.
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dispute. Metaphor and Symbol, 23, 1-23
In the mail: Few North Dakotans pay estate tax (2006 July 25). Grand Forks Herald. 
Grand Forks: n.p. Retrieved March 1, 2011, Lexis-Nexis database.
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Animals. Social Problems 55(1): 72-94.
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sex. The Associated Press. Retrieved March 1, 2011 from Lexis-Nexis. 

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