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Evolutionary Psychology, Social Emotions and Social Networking Sites -- An Integrative Model
Unformatted Document Text:  other words, culture describes phenomena but does not explain it, and 2.) Culture is not an entity unto itself (Cosmides & Tooby, 1992), culture does not create man, because if that were the case then what would be the artificer of culture? For example, Profet (1991) found morning sickness to have cross-cultural dimensions, and Ellis (1992) discovered mate selection in females and males have commonalities cross-nationally. These instances, as well as numerous others, show a behavior that exists to solve a specific biological or evolutionary problem. They are behaviors which are a part of distinctive evolved psychological mechanisms suited to unique functions, and thus, cannot be satisfactorily explained through culture and socialization. Life is different throughout the world, yet people enmeshed in very different cultures express feelings of disconnection and loneliness. The SSSM (Standard Social Science Model) categorizes most human behavior as culture- related when there could be a biological basis for origin and design. Socialization and learning are key components to their tradition. When you only describe the components of behavior other key variables are obscured (Cosmides & Tooby, 1997). There may be different cross-cultural meanings to certain behavior but recognizing these characteristics could be a part of universally evolved design requires a new way of understanding what it is that is being observed. Socialization and learning skills takes for granted that some sort of processes will be engaged to create culture. Moreover, there is a certain amount of vagueness when viewing human behavior and culture and how they are connected through the lens of SSSM (Buss, 2008, 1995; Sperber, 1986). Since culture does not offer a complete explanation, then what does? If so many people say they are feeling lost and lonely what could explain this phenomenon‘s origin? A different perspective based in EP offers more “appropriate analytical tools and frames of reference” 11

Authors: Suran, Sandra., Pettey, Gary., Bracken, Cheryl. and Whitbred, Robert.
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other words, culture describes phenomena but does not explain it, and 2.) Culture is not an entity 
unto itself (Cosmides & Tooby, 1992), culture does not create man, because if that were the case 
then what would be the artificer of culture? For example, Profet (1991) found morning sickness 
to have cross-cultural dimensions, and Ellis (1992) discovered mate selection in females and 
males have commonalities cross-nationally. These instances, as well as numerous others, show a 
behavior that exists to solve a specific biological or evolutionary problem.  They are behaviors 
which are a part of distinctive evolved psychological mechanisms suited to unique functions, and 
thus, cannot be satisfactorily explained through culture and socialization. Life is different 
throughout the world, yet people enmeshed in very different cultures express feelings of 
disconnection and loneliness.
The SSSM (Standard Social Science Model) categorizes most human behavior as culture-
related when there could be a biological basis for origin and design.  Socialization and learning 
are key components to their tradition.  When you only describe the components of behavior other 
key variables are obscured (Cosmides & Tooby, 1997).  There may be different cross-cultural 
meanings to certain behavior but recognizing these characteristics could be a part of universally 
evolved design requires a new way of understanding what it is that is being observed. 
Socialization and learning skills takes for granted that some sort of processes will be engaged to 
create culture. Moreover, there is a certain amount of vagueness when viewing human behavior 
and culture and how they are connected through the lens of SSSM (Buss, 2008, 1995; Sperber, 
Since culture does not offer a complete explanation, then what does?  If so many people 
say they are feeling lost and lonely what could explain this phenomenon‘s origin? A different 
perspective based in EP offers more “appropriate analytical tools and frames of reference” 

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