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Use of print & online news media for local news: A uses & dependency perspective
Unformatted Document Text:  Print & Online News Media more likely to be aware of and participated in civic activities than those who had less or no motivation at all (Shah, McLoed, & Yoon, 2001). Furthermore, newspaper dependency was positively associated with increased knowledge, perceived comprehension, and trust of local government, whereas television dependency was negatively associated with the outcome variables (Becker & Whitney, 1980). Similarly, reliance on a medium is likely to enhance positive associations between exposure to that medium and political efficacy and activity (Miller & Reese, 1982). Hypotheses The review of the self-determination theory of human motivation and uses and dependency model of mass communication suggests that, at the individual level, use of news media could be a function of how much information an individual thinks he or she would miss, or how much he or she relies on the media for their informational needs. Therefore, to better understand the relationships of media dependency to use of both print and online media for local news and information, three hypotheses are proposed: H1: Print media dependency will be positively related to readership of local newspaper. H2: Online media dependency will be positively related to use of the Internet for local news. H3: Online media dependency will be positively related to use of the website of local newspaper for local news. 10

Authors: Fleming, Kenneth.
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Print & Online News Media
more likely to be aware of and participated in civic activities than those who had less or 
no motivation at all (Shah, McLoed, & Yoon, 2001). Furthermore, newspaper 
dependency was positively associated with increased knowledge, perceived 
comprehension, and trust of local government, whereas television dependency was 
negatively associated with the outcome variables (Becker & Whitney, 1980). Similarly, 
reliance on a medium is likely to enhance positive associations between exposure to that 
medium and political efficacy and activity (Miller & Reese, 1982).
The review of the self-determination theory of human motivation and uses and 
dependency model of mass communication suggests that, at the individual level, use of 
news media could be a function of how much information an individual thinks he or she 
would miss, or how much he or she relies on the media for their informational needs. 
Therefore, to better understand the relationships of media dependency to use of both print 
and online media for local news and information, three hypotheses are proposed: 
H1: Print media dependency will be positively related to readership of local 
H2: Online media dependency will be positively related to use of the Internet for 
local news. 
H3: Online media dependency will be positively related to use of the website of 
local newspaper for local news.

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