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Thinking about Journalism with Superman
Unformatted Document Text:  Thinking about Journalism with Superman 26 33 Black, Steele, and Barney, Doing Ethics in Journalism, 163. See also Joe Saltzman, “Deception and Undercover Journalism: Mr. Deeds Goes to Town and Mr. Deeds,” in Journalism Ethics Goes to the Movies, ed. Howard Good (Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2008), 59-72. 34 See Clifford G. Christians, Mark Fackler, Kim B. Rotzoll & Kathy Brittain McKee, Media Ethics, 6 th ed. (New York: Longman, 2001), 1-30. 35 “Infamous,” Smallville, originally aired March 12, 2009 (available on Smallville Season 8 DVD from Warner Home Video). 36 See Christians, Fackler, Rotzoll and McKee, Media Ethics, 21-25; Black, Steele and Barney, Doing Ethics in Journalism, 163; Saltzman, “Deception and Undercover Journalism.” 37 See James W. Carey, “The Communications Revolution and the Professional Communicator,” in James Carey: A Critical Reader, ed. Eve Stryker Munson and Catherine A. Warren (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1997), 128-43. 38 See Dooley, “The Man of Tomorrow and the Boys of Yesterday,” 30-31; Daniels, Superman: The Complete History, 20. 39 Ben Hecht, A Child of the Century (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1954), 150. See also Ghiglione, The American Journalist, 101-2; Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, The Front Page (New York: Covici-Friede, 1928). 40 Carey, “The Communications Revolution,” 138. See also James W. Carey, “Some Personal Notes on US Journalism Education,” Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism 1.1 (2000), 12-23. 41 Carey, “The Communications Revolution,” 138. See also Tuchman, Making News; Bennett, News: The Politics of Illusion; Christians, Ferré, and Fackler, Good News; Rosen, What Are Journalists For?; David Barsamian, Stenographers to Power (Monroe, Me.: Common Courage, 1992). 42 Judith Serrin and William Serrin, “Introduction,” in Muckraking!: The Journalism that Changed America, ed. Judith Serrin and William Serrin (New York: New Press, 2002), xxi. 43 The “mild-mannered reporter” label on Clark Kent dates back at least to the Superman animated film serial that debuted in 1941. At roughly the same time, he was being called a “meek reporter” in the comic books. In the second episode of the radio series that debuted in 1940, Superman was heard assuming his dual identity and becoming a reporter because he said he needed a job in which he could “observe [people]. Study them. See them at their best and their worst.” See “The Mad Scientist,” Superman animated serial, originally released 1941 (available

Authors: Ehrlich, Matthew.
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Thinking about Journalism with Superman 26 
 Black, Steele, and Barney, Doing Ethics in Journalism, 163. See also Joe Saltzman, “Deception and 
Undercover Journalism: Mr. Deeds Goes to Town and Mr. Deeds,” in Journalism Ethics Goes to the Movies, ed. 
Howard Good (Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2008), 59-72. 
 See Clifford G. Christians, Mark Fackler, Kim B. Rotzoll & Kathy Brittain McKee, Media Ethics, 6
(New York: Longman, 2001), 1-30. 
 “Infamous,” Smallville, originally aired March 12, 2009 (available on Smallville Season 8 DVD from 
Warner Home Video). 
 See Christians, Fackler, Rotzoll and McKee, Media Ethics, 21-25; Black, Steele and Barney, Doing 
Ethics in Journalism, 163; Saltzman, “Deception and Undercover Journalism.” 
 See James W. Carey, “The Communications Revolution and the Professional Communicator,” in James 
Carey: A Critical Reader, ed. Eve Stryker Munson and Catherine A. Warren (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota 
Press, 1997), 128-43.
 See Dooley, “The Man of Tomorrow and the Boys of Yesterday,” 30-31; Daniels, Superman: The 
Complete History, 20. 
 Ben Hecht, A Child of the Century (New York: Simon and Schuster, 1954), 150. See also Ghiglione, The 
American Journalist, 101-2; Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, The Front Page (New York: Covici-Friede, 1928). 
 Carey, “The Communications Revolution,” 138. See also James  W. Carey, “Some Personal Notes on US 
Journalism Education,” Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism 1.1 (2000), 12-23.  
 Carey, “The Communications Revolution,” 138. See also Tuchman, Making News; Bennett, News: The 
Politics of Illusion; Christians, Ferré, and Fackler, Good News; Rosen, What Are Journalists For?; David 
Barsamian, Stenographers to Power (Monroe, Me.: Common Courage, 1992). 
 Judith Serrin and William Serrin, “Introduction,” in Muckraking!: The Journalism that Changed 
America, ed. Judith Serrin and William Serrin (New York: New Press, 2002), xxi. 
 The “mild-mannered  reporter” label on Clark Kent dates back at least to the Superman animated film 
serial that debuted in 1941. At roughly the same time, he was being called a “meek reporter” in the comic books. In 
the second episode of the radio series that debuted in 1940, Superman was heard assuming his dual identity and 
becoming a reporter because he said he needed a job in which he could “observe [people]. Study them. See them at 
their best and their worst.” See “The Mad Scientist,” Superman animated serial, originally released 1941 (available 

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