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Thinking about Journalism with Superman
Unformatted Document Text:  Thinking about Journalism with Superman 28 54 See “The Mad Scientist,” Superman animated serial, originally released 1941 (available on Superman: The Ultimate Max Fleischer Cartoon Collection from VCI video); Scivally, Superman on Film, Television, Radio and Broadway, 49; Superman II, originally released 1980 (available on Warner Home Video). Phyllis Coates would be succeeded by Noel Neill in playing Lois in the 1950s TV series. 55 J.P. Williams, “All‟s Fair in Love and Journalism: Female Rivalry in Superman,” Journal of Popular Culture 24.2 (Fall 1990): 109. See also Joanna Connors, “Female Meets Supermale,” in Superman at Fifty!, ed. Dennis Dooley and Gary Engle (Cleveland, Oh.: Octavia, 1987), 108-115. 56 For more on Superman‟s chaste image, see Jane W. Kessler, “Superman and the Dreams of Childhood,” in Superman at Fifty!, ed. Dennis Dooley and Gary Engle (Cleveland, Oh.: Octavia, 1987), 137-42; Lester Roebuck, “The Good, the Bad and the Oedipal,” in Superman at Fifty!, ed. Dennis Dooley and Gary Engle (Cleveland, Oh.: Octavia, 1987), 143-52; Rose Maria DelVecchio, “Why Is Superman Still a Virgin?,” in Superman at Fifty!, ed. Dennis Dooley and Gary Engle (Cleveland, Oh.: Octavia, 1987), 171-73; Jewett and Lawrence, The American Monomyth 58-63; Richard Reynolds, Super Heroes (London: B.T. Batsford, 1992), 14-15, 60-66. Superman also has been analyzed as a gay icon; see Darwin Porter, Blood Moon’s Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film, 2 nd ed. (New York: Blood Moon Productions, 2007), 11-29. 57 Daniels, Superman: The Complete History, 160, 175-76. 58 McNair, Journalists in Film, 238. 59 Superman Returns, originally released 2006 (available on Warner Home Video). See also Mary-Lou Galician, “The Return of the Sob Sister in `Superman Returns‟: Lois Lane and the Fight for Truth and Justice,” abstract of paper presented to the International Communication Association,, May 2007, online at . 60 “Mortal,” Smallville, originally aired October 6, 2005 (available on Smallville Season 5 DVD from Warner Home Video). 61 See Bonnie J. Dow, “Hegemony, Feminist Criticism and the Mary Tyler Moore Show,” Critical Studies in Mass Communication 7 (1990): 261-74. 62 See “Chloe Sullivan” Wikipedia entry, online at . 63 See Danna L. Walker, Margaretha Geertsema, and Barbara Barnett, “Inverting the Inverted Pyramid: A Conversation about the Use of Feminist Theories to Teach Journalism,” Feminist Teacher 19.3 (2009): 177-94. For

Authors: Ehrlich, Matthew.
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Thinking about Journalism with Superman 28 
 See “The Mad Scientist,” Superman animated serial, originally released 1941 (available on Superman: 
The Ultimate Max Fleischer Cartoon Collection from  VCI video); Scivally, Superman on Film, Television, Radio 
and Broadway, 49; Superman II, originally released 1980 (available on Warner Home Video). Phyllis Coates would 
be succeeded by Noel Neill in playing Lois in the 1950s TV series. 
 J.P. Williams, “All‟s Fair in Love and Journalism: Female Rivalry in Superman,” Journal of Popular 
Culture 24.2 (Fall 1990): 109. See also Joanna Connors, “Female Meets Supermale,” in Superman at Fifty!, ed. 
Dennis Dooley and Gary Engle (Cleveland, Oh.: Octavia, 1987), 108-115. 
 For more on Superman‟s chaste image, see Jane W. Kessler, “Superman and the Dreams of Childhood,” 
in Superman at Fifty!, ed. Dennis Dooley and Gary Engle (Cleveland, Oh.: Octavia, 1987), 137-42; Lester Roebuck, 
“The Good, the Bad and the Oedipal,” in Superman at Fifty!, ed. Dennis Dooley and Gary Engle (Cleveland, Oh.: 
Octavia, 1987), 143-52; Rose Maria DelVecchio, “Why Is Superman Still a Virgin?,” in Superman at Fifty!, ed. 
Dennis Dooley and Gary Engle (Cleveland, Oh.: Octavia, 1987),  171-73; Jewett and Lawrence, The American 
Monomyth 58-63; Richard Reynolds, Super Heroes (London: B.T. Batsford, 1992), 14-15, 60-66. Superman also has 
been analyzed as a gay icon; see Darwin Porter, Blood Moon’s Guide to Gay and Lesbian Film, 2
 ed. (New York: 
Blood Moon Productions, 2007), 11-29. 
 Daniels, Superman: The Complete History, 160, 175-76.  
 McNair, Journalists in Film, 238. 
 Superman Returns, originally released 2006 (available on Warner Home Video). See also Mary-Lou 
Galician, “The Return of the Sob Sister in `Superman Returns‟: Lois Lane and the Fight for Truth and Justice,” 
abstract of paper presented to the International Communication Association,, May 2007, online at 
 “Mortal,” Smallville, originally aired October 6, 2005 (available on Smallville Season 5 DVD from 
Warner Home Video). 
 See Bonnie J. Dow, “Hegemony, Feminist Criticism and the Mary Tyler Moore Show,” Critical Studies 
in Mass Communication 7 (1990): 261-74. 
 See “Chloe Sullivan” Wikipedia entry, online at 
 See Danna L. Walker, Margaretha Geertsema, and Barbara Barnett, “Inverting the Inverted Pyramid: A 
Conversation about the Use of Feminist Theories to Teach Journalism,” Feminist Teacher 19.3 (2009): 177-94. For 

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