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Thinking about Journalism with Superman
Unformatted Document Text:  Thinking about Journalism with Superman 30 82 See Tuchman, Making News. 83 “Superman Comes to Earth,” Superman movie serial, originally released 1948 (available on Warner Home Video). 84 “Clan of the Fiery Cross,” parts 3 and 16, Adventures of Superman radio series, originally aired June 12 and July 1, 1946 (available from Digital Deli Online, ). 85 Erik Lundegaard, “Truth, Justice and (Fill in the Blank),”, June 30, 2006, online at . See also Eagan, “A Flag with a Human Face,” 89-90. 86 Ibid., 89. See also Fingeroth, Superman on the Couch, 73; Reynolds, Super Heroes, 74. 87 Jewett and Lawrence, The American Monomyth, xii-xiii. 88 Gordon, “Nostalgia, Myth, and Ideology,” 191. 89 Andrae, “From Menace to Messiah,” 133. 90 See “Japoteurs,” Superman animated serial, originally released 1942 (available on Superman: The Ultimate Max Fleischer Cartoon Collection from VCI video). 91 Roger Ebert, review of Superman II,, January 1, 1981, online at . 92 Andrae, “From Menace to Messiah,” 133. 93 Arthur Asa Berger, The Comic-Stripped American (New York: Walker, 1973), 159. 94 Lawrence and Jewett, The Myth of the American Superhero, 347. 95 See Lule, Daily News, Eternal Stories, 81-103. 96 Superman—The Movie, originally released 1978 (available on Warner Home Video). 97 “Infamous,” Smallville, originally aired March 12, 2009 (available on Smallville Season 8 DVD from Warner Home Video). 98 Lule, Daily News, Eternal Stories, 85, 191-92. 99 See McChesney, The Political Economy of the Media. 100 Herbert J. Gans, Deciding What’s News (Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press, 2004), 42. See also W. Lance Bennett, Regina G. Lawrence, and Steven Livingston, When the Press Fails (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2007).

Authors: Ehrlich, Matthew.
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Thinking about Journalism with Superman 30 
 See Tuchman, Making News. 
 “Superman Comes to Earth,” Superman movie serial, originally released 1948 (available on Warner 
Home Video). 
 “Clan of the Fiery Cross,” parts 3 and 16, Adventures of Superman radio series, originally aired June 12 
and July 1, 1946 (available from Digital Deli Online, 
 Erik Lundegaard, “Truth, Justice and (Fill in the Blank),”, June 30, 2006, online at 
. See also Eagan, “A Flag with a Human 
Face,” 89-90. 
 Ibid., 89. See also Fingeroth, Superman on the Couch, 73; Reynolds, Super Heroes, 74. 
 Jewett and Lawrence, The American Monomyth, xii-xiii. 
 Gordon, “Nostalgia, Myth, and Ideology,” 191. 
 Andrae, “From Menace to Messiah,” 133. 
 See “Japoteurs,” Superman animated serial, originally released 1942 (available on Superman: The 
Ultimate Max Fleischer Cartoon Collection from VCI video). 
 Roger Ebert, review of Superman II,, January 1, 1981, online at 
 Andrae, “From Menace to Messiah,” 133. 
 Arthur Asa Berger, The Comic-Stripped American (New York: Walker, 1973), 159. 
 Lawrence and Jewett, The Myth of the American Superhero, 347. 
 See Lule, Daily News, Eternal Stories, 81-103. 
 Superman—The Movie, originally released 1978 (available on Warner Home Video). 
 “Infamous,” Smallville, originally aired March 12, 2009 (available on Smallville Season 8 DVD from 
Warner Home Video). 
 Lule, Daily News, Eternal Stories, 85, 191-92. 
 See McChesney, The Political Economy of the Media
 Herbert J. Gans, Deciding What’s News (Evanston, Ill.: Northwestern University Press, 2004), 42. See 
also W. Lance Bennett, Regina G. Lawrence, and Steven Livingston, When the Press Fails (Chicago: University of 
Chicago Press, 2007). 

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