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Media capabilities as a comprehensive construct for research on media choice: Assessment of a measurement model
Unformatted Document Text:  Running head: Assessment of media capabilities model 17 (s.d.=4.94) on radio news with the maximum exposure of 70 hours in a typical week. In terms of TV news consumption, respondents watched 6 hours TV on average (s.d.=9.82) and the largest volume of viewership is 120 hours in a typical week. Last but not least, mobile devices, as the newly emerging strength, took up 0.64 hour on average (s.d.=3.09) for respondents to receive news and weather update. Statistical analysis Data was analyzed using AMOS 7.0 structural equation modeling program. Specifically, the comparative fit index (CFI; Bentler, 1990), normed fit index (NFI; Tucker & Lewis, 1973), and the Root Mean Square Error of Approximation (RMSEA) suggested by Nevitt & Hancock (2000) were used to evaluate the appropriateness of model fit. Moreover, construct validity of the measure was assessed by evaluating both convergent validity and discriminant validity. In addition, the construct reliability was calculated by Cronbach’s alpha (Nunnally, 1978). Data analysis and results Overall structural model fit The null model was first specified in AMOS 7.0, but the fit measures for the model were unsatisfactory (χ2 = 207.5, CFI = 0.96, NFI = 0.95, RMSEA = 0.077, CMIN/DF=5.06). Consequently, model re-specification was conducted based on the significant modification indices (MI). Correlations between the error term of observed endogenous variables were added when consistent with the theory. For instance, as the

Authors: shi, kristy., Ha, Louisa. and Yun, Gi Woong.
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Running head: Assessment of media capabilities model 
(s.d.=4.94) on radio news with the maximum exposure of 70 hours in a typical week. 
In  terms  of  TV  news  consumption,  respondents  watched  6  hours  TV  on  average 
(s.d.=9.82) and the largest volume of viewership is 120 hours in a typical week. Last 
but  not  least,  mobile  devices,  as  the  newly  emerging  strength,  took  up  0.64  hour  on 
average (s.d.=3.09) for respondents to receive news and weather update.         
Statistical analysis 
        Data was analyzed using AMOS 7.0 structural equation modeling program. 
Specifically,  the  comparative  fit  index  (CFI;  Bentler,  1990),  normed  fit  index  (NFI; 
Tucker & Lewis, 1973), and the Root Mean Square Error of Approximation (RMSEA) 
suggested by Nevitt & Hancock (2000) were used to evaluate the appropriateness of 
model  fit.  Moreover,  construct  validity  of  the  measure  was  assessed  by  evaluating 
both convergent validity and discriminant validity. In addition, the construct reliability 
was calculated by Cronbach’s alpha (Nunnally, 1978). 
Data analysis and results 
Overall structural model fit 
The  null  model  was  first  specified  in  AMOS  7.0,  but  the  fit  measures  for  the 
model were unsatisfactory  (χ2    = 207.5, CFI  =  0.96, NFI = 0.95, RMSEA  = 0.077, 
CMIN/DF=5.06).  Consequently,  model  re-specification  was  conducted  based  on  the 
significant modification indices (MI). Correlations between the error term of observed 
endogenous variables were added when consistent with the theory. For instance, as the 

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