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Media capabilities as a comprehensive construct for research on media choice: Assessment of a measurement model
Unformatted Document Text:  Running head: Assessment of media capabilities model 18 MI pointed out, there were suggested correlations between error terms: informativeness and timeliness (MI = 53.87), interactivity and informativeness (MI = 17.23), user control and entertainment (MI = 12.10). The reasons for the correlations of the error terms are not difficult to understand. In particular, a respondent who highly demand for information gratification tended to have low tolerance to the low timeliness and would like to seek for information themselves through news medium that is highly interactive. Similarly, other four correlation links were added to form the final theoretical model. The revised model was tested again, and turned out to have a reasonable fit (χ2 (34)=74.56; CFI=0.98; NFI=0.99 RMSEA=0.04, CMIN/DF=2.19). Examining convergent validity and discriminant validity To evaluate convergent validity, the size of factor loadings, the value for Composite Reliabilities (CR), and the value for variance extracted (VE) from AMOS output were used. Convergent validity assesses the degree to which a measure correlates highly with other measures designed to measure the same construct (Churchill, 1979). Thus, convergent validity is achieved if different items used to measure the same construct obtain strongly correlated scores. As shown in Table 2, we observed preferable factor loadings for individual items on respective measure, which were shown in Tables 2. Specifically, 10 out of the 12 item loadings were greater than 0.7 and the item with the lowest loading was just 0.67. Additionally, the average percentage of variance extracted (AVE) in terms of corresponding constructs were

Authors: shi, kristy., Ha, Louisa. and Yun, Gi Woong.
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Running head: Assessment of media capabilities model 
MI  pointed  out,  there  were  suggested  correlations  between  error  terms: 
informativeness and timeliness (MI = 53.87), interactivity and informativeness (MI = 
17.23), user control and entertainment (MI = 12.10). The reasons for the correlations 
of  the  error  terms  are  not  difficult  to  understand.  In  particular,  a  respondent  who 
highly demand for information gratification tended to have low tolerance to the low 
timeliness and would like to seek for information themselves through news medium 
that  is  highly  interactive.  Similarly,  other  four  correlation  links  were  added  to  form 
the  final  theoretical  model.  The  revised  model  was  tested  again,  and  turned  out  to 
have  a  reasonable  fit  (χ2  (34)=74.56;  CFI=0.98;  NFI=0.99  RMSEA=0.04, 
Examining convergent validity and discriminant validity 
To  evaluate  convergent  validity,  the  size  of  factor  loadings,  the  value  for 
Composite Reliabilities (CR), and the value for variance extracted (VE) from AMOS 
output  were  used.  Convergent  validity  assesses  the  degree  to  which  a  measure 
correlates  highly  with  other  measures  designed  to  measure  the  same  construct 
(Churchill,  1979).  Thus,  convergent  validity  is  achieved  if  different  items  used  to 
measure the same construct obtain strongly correlated scores. As shown in Table 2, we 
observed preferable factor loadings for individual items on respective measure, which 
were shown in Tables 2. Specifically, 10 out of the 12 item loadings were greater than 
0.7  and  the  item  with  the  lowest  loading  was  just  0.67.  Additionally,  the  average 
percentage  of  variance  extracted  (AVE)  in  terms  of  corresponding  constructs  were 

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