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The Concept Of Online Image Of A Brand And Its Application To Nation Brands
Unformatted Document Text:  Giorgi Topouria: The Concept Of Online Image Of A Brand And Its Application To Nation Brands 11 Nation-Brand Identity and Image The national identity/character origin of nation branding suggests that, with somewhat minor adjustments and modifications, the two key concepts of branding theory – brand identity and brand image should be well applicable and easily transferable to nation brands. In order to do so, Dinnie (2008) suggests defining identity and image simply: identity is what something truly is, while image is how this something is perceived. In order to properly perform this application, we must first analyze what are the main components and numerous determining/contributing factors (as pointed out by above-cited scholars) that determine the nation-brand identity and need to be considered and included as elements of the above concepts/constructs. Dinnie (2008) writes that it is impossible to include every component of national identity in the constructs of a nation brand identity. In his opinion, the later should be built upon only on a limited number of select components of national identity. He suggests that most common of such components are: history, language, territory, political regime/policies, architecture, sport, literature, art, religion, education, icons, landscape, music, food/drink and folklore. Paraphrasing Albert and Whetten‘s definition of organizational identity (1985), Fan (2008) employs a very similar, although somewhat deeper approach and suggests that national identity is: ―The collective understanding by a nation‘s people of the features presumed to be central and relatively permanent, and that distinguish the nation from other nations. National identity embodies the characteristics of a nation that its people perceive to be central, distinctive, and enduring (CED) in a nation when past, present and future is taken into account.‖ (Fan, 2008, p. 3) Fan continues to suggest that the essence of national identity is mostly ―irrational psychological bond that binds fellow nationals together‖ (ibid) and represents a link between each individual and the nation as a collective self (Triandafyllidou, 1998).

Authors: Topouria, Giorgi.
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Giorgi Topouria: The Concept Of Online Image Of A Brand And Its Application To Nation Brands  
Nation-Brand Identity and Image 
The national identity/character origin of nation branding suggests that, with somewhat minor 
adjustments and modifications, the two key concepts of branding theory – brand identity and 
brand image should be well applicable and easily transferable to nation brands.  In order to do so, 
Dinnie (2008) suggests defining identity and image simply: identity is what something truly is, 
while image is how this something is perceived.  
In order to properly perform this application, we must first analyze what are the main 
components and numerous determining/contributing factors (as pointed out by above-cited 
scholars) that determine the nation-brand identity and need to be considered and included as 
elements of the above concepts/constructs. Dinnie (2008) writes that it is impossible to include 
every component of national identity in the constructs of a nation brand identity. In his opinion, 
the later should be built upon only on a limited number of select components of national identity. 
He suggests that most common of such components are: history, language, territory, political 
regime/policies, architecture, sport, literature, art, religion, education, icons, landscape, music, 
food/drink and folklore.  
Paraphrasing Albert and Whetten‘s definition of organizational identity (1985), Fan (2008) 
employs a very similar, although somewhat deeper approach and suggests that national identity 
―The collective understanding by a nation‘s people of the features presumed to be central and 
relatively permanent, and that distinguish the nation from other nations. National identity embodies 
the characteristics of a nation that its people perceive to be central, distinctive, and enduring (CED) 
in a nation when past, present and future is taken into account.‖
(Fan, 2008, p. 3) 
Fan continues to suggest that the essence of national identity is mostly ―irrational psychological 
bond that binds fellow nationals together‖ (ibid) and represents a link between each individual 
and the nation as a collective self (Triandafyllidou, 1998).  

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