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The Concept Of Online Image Of A Brand And Its Application To Nation Brands
Unformatted Document Text:  Giorgi Topouria: The Concept Of Online Image Of A Brand And Its Application To Nation Brands 17 so dominant in the world that it is fairly safe to say that major stories are likely to appear in English-language media, sooner or later.‖ Brad Snyder of Perception Metrics says: ―the East West Index measures tone as a ratio of positive and negative messages grammatically connected to a country reference. The index score is then calculated by a complex algorithm that factors tone and the volume of country mentions‖ (Frost, 2008). The brand value is identified by its index score, which is based on determining the tonality (positive and negative) of mentions of countries and territories in news articles, over a given period (quarterly and annually). The tone, of coverage is determined by an algorithm that detects grammatical associations of terms with the names of the analyzed places, based on a lexicon of 16,000 words and phrases (East West Communications, 2009). Thus, both – the NBI and East West Global 200 indexes, attempt to rank nations by how favorably they are perceived around the world, but NBI measures consumer perceptions, while East West Global 200 – media coverage/perceptions. Therefore, it is natural that there is no total agreement in the two rankings and, perhaps, they should be regarded as supplemental to, rather than competing with one another. The above discussion prompts a different approach to measuring brand image in general, and the image of a nation brand in particular. The Concept of Online Image of a Brand – Explication Justification As discussed above, brand image is formed by brand audience members along the dimensions/attributes/components that are most important to them as related to the product/service and/or category that a particular brand represents and belongs to. This image is formed on the basis of a variety of contributing factors, such as: familiarity/previous experience,

Authors: Topouria, Giorgi.
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Giorgi Topouria: The Concept Of Online Image Of A Brand And Its Application To Nation Brands  
so dominant in the world that it is fairly safe to say that major stories are likely to appear in 
English-language media, sooner or later.‖ Brad Snyder of Perception Metrics says: ―the East 
West Index measures tone as a ratio of positive and negative messages grammatically connected 
to a country reference. The index score is then calculated by a complex algorithm that factors 
tone and the volume of country mentions‖ (Frost, 2008). The brand value is identified by its 
index score, which is based on determining the tonality (positive and negative) of mentions of 
countries and territories in news articles, over a given period (quarterly and annually). The tone, 
of coverage is determined by an algorithm that detects grammatical associations of terms with 
the names of the analyzed places, based on a lexicon of 16,000 words and phrases (East West 
Communications, 2009).   
Thus, both – the NBI and East West Global 200 indexes, attempt to rank nations by how 
favorably they are perceived around the world, but NBI measures consumer perceptions, while 
East West Global 200 – media coverage/perceptions. Therefore, it is natural that there is no total 
agreement in the two rankings and, perhaps, they should be regarded as supplemental to, rather 
than competing with one another.  
The above discussion prompts a different approach to measuring brand image in general, and the 
image of a nation brand in particular. 
The Concept of Online Image of a Brand – Explication  
As discussed above, brand image is formed by brand audience members along the 
dimensions/attributes/components that are most important to them as related to the 
product/service and/or category that a particular brand represents and belongs to. This image is 
formed on the basis of a variety of contributing factors, such as: familiarity/previous experience, 

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