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The Concept Of Online Image Of A Brand And Its Application To Nation Brands
Unformatted Document Text:  Giorgi Topouria: The Concept Of Online Image Of A Brand And Its Application To Nation Brands 18 media communication, corporate communication, peer exchanges/word of mouth, and many others. As Internet penetration grows and consumers are increasingly using the online medium to obtain information for making informed decisions regarding various aspects of their lives, they are also turning to the Internet for research and information exchange about companies, products and services. As a result, the Internet and online communications are becoming increasingly important in the formation of brand images among brand audiences. One of the most important aspects of rapidly growing penetration of the Internet and adoption of interactive online communication technologies is that this new online medium has changed the nature of mediated communication by replacing the traditional one-to-many model with the many-to-many model. (Chafee and Metzger, 2001). This resulted in the growing empowerment of individual consumers and other brand stakeholders. In addition to research and acquiring new relevant information that affects their decisions, perceptions and attitudes, the Internet also enables brand stakeholders to communicate with the brand and among themselves about the brand. What is important is that, because of the nature of the Internet, all these consumer perceptions, attitudes, etc. that are communicated online do not disappear, but leave traces within the medium and remain represented there one way or another. By their mere presence in the medium, they may have certain effect back on the corresponding brand images held by different brand audiences. So, with every online interaction and exchange, online representation of every brand inevitably becomes different, maybe in a very small way, but still different. Every tiny piece of information that moves into and within the medium and is related to the brand changes its online representation in some tiny or big way. Every interaction is different, and so is the corresponding change. What this means is, that consumers have acquired the ability to influence brand images

Authors: Topouria, Giorgi.
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Giorgi Topouria: The Concept Of Online Image Of A Brand And Its Application To Nation Brands  
media communication, corporate communication, peer exchanges/word of mouth, and many 
others. As Internet penetration grows and consumers are increasingly using the online medium to 
obtain information for making informed decisions regarding various aspects of their lives, they 
are also turning to the Internet for research and information exchange about companies, products 
and services. As a result, the Internet and online communications are becoming increasingly 
important in the formation of brand images among brand audiences. 
One of the most important aspects of rapidly growing penetration of the Internet and adoption of 
interactive online communication technologies is that this new online medium has changed the 
nature of mediated communication by replacing the traditional one-to-many model with the 
many-to-many model. (Chafee and Metzger, 2001). This resulted in the growing empowerment 
of individual consumers and other brand stakeholders. In addition to research and acquiring new 
relevant information that affects their decisions, perceptions and attitudes, the Internet also 
enables brand stakeholders to communicate with the brand and among themselves about the 
What is important is that, because of the nature of the Internet, all these consumer perceptions, 
attitudes, etc. that are communicated online do not disappear, but leave traces within the medium 
and remain represented there one way or another. By their mere presence in the medium, they 
may have certain effect back on the corresponding brand images held by different brand 
audiences. So, with every online interaction and exchange, online representation of every brand 
inevitably becomes different, maybe in a very small way, but still different. Every tiny piece of 
information that moves into and within the medium and is related to the brand changes its online 
representation in some tiny or big way. Every interaction is different, and so is the corresponding 
change. What this means is, that consumers have acquired the ability to influence brand images 

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