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The Concept Of Online Image Of A Brand And Its Application To Nation Brands
Unformatted Document Text:  Giorgi Topouria: The Concept Of Online Image Of A Brand And Its Application To Nation Brands 27 GfK. (2010). ―Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index‖, From: Kedourie, E. (1992). Nationalism, 4/e, Oxford: Blackwell Kotler, P., & Gertner, D. (2002). ―Country as a Brand, Product and Beyond: a Place Marketing and Brand Management Perspective‖. Journal of Brand Management, Special Issue on Nation Branding, 9(4–5), 249–261. Lehu, J-M. (2006). Brand Rejuvenation: How to Protect, Strengthen and Add Value to Your Brand to Prevent It from Aging. Kogan Page, UK Lynch, Joanne & Chernatony, Leslie. (2004). ―The power of emotion: Brand communication in business-to-business markets‖. Journal of Brand Management, 11, 403–419; Macrae, C., Parkinson, S. and Sheerman, J. (1995). ―Managing Marketing's DNA: The Role of Branding‖, Irish Marketing Review, 18, 13-20 Nandan, S. (2005). ―An Exploration of the Brand Identity - Brand Image Linkage: a Communications Perspective‖. Journal of Brand Management, 12, 4, 264-278 Olins, W. (1999). ―Trading Identities: Why Countries and Companies Are Taking Each Others' Roles‖. The Foreign Policy Center, London Olins, W. (2002). ―Branding the Nation – the Historical Context‖. Journal of Brand Management, 9, 4-5, 241-248 Outhavong, S. (2007). Branding "nation brand". Ph.D. dissertation, The University of Texas at Austin, United States -- Texas. From: Perception Metrics, From: Pitt L., Opoku, R., Hultman M. Abratt, R., Spyropoulou S. (2005). "What I say about myself: Communication of brand personality by African countries". Tourism Management, 28 (2007) 835–844 Reeves B. and Nass C. (1996). The Media Equation. CSLI Publications, Stanford, California, USA Roll, Martin. (2006). Asian Brand Strategy: How Asia Builds Strong Brands. Palgrave Macmillan, UK. Tempral, Paul. (2002). Corporate Identity, Brand Identity, and Brand Image. Retrieved on May 2, 2010 from: Thompson, A. (2001). ―Nations, National Identities and Human Agency: Putting People Back into Nations‖, the Sociological Review, 49, 18-32 Triandafyllidou, A. (1998). ―National identity and the ―other‖‖, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 21:4, 593-612 Vaknin, Sam. (2009). ―Nation Branding and Place marketing‖. Retrieved from: Van Han, P. (2001). ―The Rise of a Brand State: The Postmodern Politics of Image and Reputation‖. Foreign Affairs, 80, 5, 2-6 Whetten, D. A. and Mackey, A. (2002). ―A Social Actor Conception of Organisational Identity and Its Implications for the Study of Organisational Reputation‖, Business & Society, 41:4, 393-414

Authors: Topouria, Giorgi.
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Giorgi Topouria: The Concept Of Online Image Of A Brand And Its Application To Nation Brands  
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