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Journalism Advocacy: How Three Organizations Responded to Attacks Against Journalists in Egypt
Unformatted Document Text:  commented on the government’s efforts to systematically block all newsgathering and broadcasting operations. “This is part of a wider and ultimately futile attempt to prevent Egyptians from witnessing the political history that is being made around them,” he said. The Committee to Protect Journalists also reported on several detentions of foreign journalists but quoted a member of the Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate as saying that no journalists were in jail that day. 27 February 2 However, that situation did not last very long. Two days later on Wednesday, February 2, the International Federation of Journalists, in conjunction with the European Federation of Journalists, “ called for the immediate release of Belgian journalist Maurice Sarfatti, also known as Serge Dumont, who was arrested in Cairo by security forces and is being held at an unidentified military facility.” While covering a rally of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s supporters, Sarfatti was arrested and accused of being a spy. “These accusations of spying are absurd and prove the arbitrary nature of our colleague’s arrest,” IFJ President Jim Boumelha said. “Maurice is a bona fide journalist who was reporting on the unfolding crisis in Egypt like many other journalists. We urge the authorities to release him immediately and to end violence against media.” Condemning “these desperate tactics,” Boumelha said the arrest provided “clear evidence of police’s attempts to intimidate media through violence in a bid to suppress independent reporting in the Egyptian crisis.” 28 By this time, the Committee to Protect Journalists was accusing the Egyptian government of making a tactical shift from merely censoring journalists to attacking them violently. “ The 27 “CPJ demands Egypt halt obstruction, restore Internet, SMS,” January 31, 2011, Committee to Protect Journalists. 28 “IFJ calls for immediate release of Belgian reporter held in Egypt,” February 2, 2011, International Federation of Journalists.

Authors: Cain, Butler.
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commented on the government’s efforts to systematically block all newsgathering and 
broadcasting operations. “This is part of a wider and ultimately futile attempt to prevent 
Egyptians from witnessing the political history that is being made around them,” he said. The 
Committee to Protect Journalists also reported on several detentions of foreign journalists but 
quoted a member of the 
Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate as saying that no journalists were in jail 
that day.
February 2
However, that situation did not last very long. Two days later on Wednesday, 
February 2, the International Federation of Journalists, in conjunction with the 
European Federation of Journalists, “
called for the immediate release of Belgian journalist 
Maurice Sarfatti, also known as Serge Dumont, who was arrested in Cairo by security forces and 
is being held at an unidentified military facility.” While covering a rally of Egyptian President 
Hosni Mubarak’s supporters, Sarfatti was arrested and accused of being a spy. “These 
accusations of spying are absurd and prove the arbitrary nature of our colleague’s arrest,” IFJ 
President Jim Boumelha said. “Maurice is a bona fide journalist who was reporting on the 
unfolding crisis in Egypt like many other journalists. We urge the authorities to release him 
immediately and to end violence against media.” Condemning “these desperate tactics,” 
Boumelha said the arrest provided “clear evidence of police’s attempts to intimidate media 
through violence in a bid to suppress independent reporting in the Egyptian crisis.”
By this time, the Committee to Protect Journalists was accusing the Egyptian government 
of making a tactical shift from merely censoring journalists to attacking them violently. “
27 “CPJ demands Egypt halt obstruction, restore Internet, SMS,” January 31, 2011, Committee to Protect 
28 “IFJ calls for immediate release of Belgian reporter held in Egypt,” February 2, 2011, International Federation of 

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