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Journalism Advocacy: How Three Organizations Responded to Attacks Against Journalists in Egypt
Unformatted Document Text:  violence unleashed against the international media.” The following list concluded the press release: 1 journalist dead: Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud from Al-Ahram Journalists attacked but not detained : 79 Journalists detained for at least 2 hours : 76 Journalists we don’t have any news about : 1 [Cases] of material harmed and media offices closed : 25 Media the most targeted : Al Jazeera with 3 reporters attacked and 4 detained (all released) + office trashed. Countries with the most harassed journalists in Egypt : US (29 + a VOA team) France (18) Poland (9) Qatar (7 - all Al Jazeera) 40 As Reporters Without Borders noted, Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud was the first journalist to die during the Egyptian crisis, and he died on Friday, February 4. The Committee to Protect Journalists, which issued a revised release later that evening, recounted the circumstances surrounding Mahmoud’s death. He had been shot on January 29 while filming confrontations between security forces and demonstrators near Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Though it briefly noted his passing, the primary purpose of CPJ’s release was to continue bringing attention to the numerous assaults against the press. The group observed that even though “ the extent of attacks lessened after a peak on Thursday,” Mohamed Abdel Dayem, CPJ’s Middle East and North Africa program coordinator, said it was “stupefying that the government continues to send out thugs and plainclothes police to attack journalists and to ransack media bureaus.” He called the situation “doubly outrageous” because Egypt’s top leadership had expressed regret for the attacks and promised that such assaults would not happen again. The release concluded with a bulleted list of 14 new attacks against members of the press. 41 February 5-7 40 “Tally of cases of abuses against journalists,” February 4, 2011, Reporters Without Borders. The bold and italicized fonts reflect the release’s original formatting. 41 “Cairo attacks continue; reporter dies from earlier shooting,” February 4, 2011, Committee to Protect Journalists.

Authors: Cain, Butler.
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violence unleashed against the international media.” The following list concluded the press 
1 journalist dead: Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud from Al-Ahram 
Journalists attacked but not detained : 79  
Journalists detained for at least 2 hours : 76 
Journalists we don’t have any news about : 1  
[Cases] of material harmed and media offices closed : 25 
Media the most targeted : Al Jazeera with 3 reporters attacked and 4 detained (all released) + 
office trashed. 
Countries with the most harassed journalists in Egypt :  US (29 + a VOA team) France (18) 
Poland (9) Qatar (7 - all Al Jazeera)
As Reporters Without Borders noted, Ahmed Mohammed Mahmoud was the first 
journalist to die during the Egyptian crisis, and he died on Friday, February 4. The Committee to 
Protect Journalists, which issued a revised release later that evening, recounted the circumstances 
surrounding Mahmoud’s death. He had been shot on January 29 while filming confrontations 
between security forces and demonstrators near Cairo’s Tahrir Square. Though it briefly noted 
his passing, the primary purpose of CPJ’s release was to continue bringing attention to the 
numerous assaults against the press. The group observed that even though “
the extent of attacks 
lessened after a peak on Thursday,” Mohamed Abdel Dayem, CPJ’s Middle East and North 
Africa program coordinator, said it was “stupefying that the government continues to send out 
thugs and plainclothes police to attack journalists and to ransack media bureaus.” He called the 
situation “doubly outrageous” because Egypt’s top leadership had expressed regret for the attacks 
and promised that such assaults would not happen again. The release concluded with a bulleted 
list of 14 new attacks against members of the press.
February 5-7
40 “Tally of cases of abuses against journalists,” February 4, 2011, Reporters Without Borders. The bold and 
italicized fonts reflect the release’s original formatting.
41 “Cairo attacks continue; reporter dies from earlier shooting,” February 4, 2011, Committee to Protect Journalists.

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