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Journalism as a viable career choice: What guidance counselors are telling students
Unformatted Document Text:  11Journalism as a viable career job training programs so you can make a good choice” would be of great benefit (Johnson, et. al., p. 11). The Role of Guidance Counselors: The Ugly The findings from the 2009 Public Agenda survey have raised many eyebrows about the effectiveness of high school guidance counselors. Overall, students gave their guidance counselors overall poor marks, with 48% of them saying they felt that their counselors saw them as “a face in the crowd” (Johnson, et. al., 2009). Specifically, 62% rated counselors as poor or fair in helping them think about different careers to pursue, and 67% rated counselors as poor or fair in helping them decide the right school (Johnson, et. al., 2009). Both teachers and coaches received higher ratings than counselors in motivating them to go on to college (Johnson, et. al., 2009). High school guidance counselors are not the only ones being criticized for poor advising. Although students in the Public Agenda survey rated advisors in higher education institutions better, they also cited room for improvement in such areas as how to get loans and scholarships (Johnson, et. al., 2009). Most research exploring the impact of guidance counselors primarily relies on perceptions of students, and in some cases, administrators (Dodson, 2009). How influential counselors perceive themselves to be has yet to be thoroughly investigated. Guidance Counselors and Journalism While the impact of guidance counselors on students’ choices for higher education is clearly mixed, their role as advisors is extremely important to this study. With the rapid and evolving changes in journalism today, it is critical for those in higher education

Authors: Rentner, Terry., Oyer, Seth. and Flynn, Mark.
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Journalism as a viable career
job training programs so you can make a good choice” would be of great benefit 
(Johnson, et. al., p. 11).
The Role of Guidance Counselors: The Ugly
The findings from the 2009 Public Agenda survey have raised many eyebrows 
about the effectiveness of high school guidance counselors.  Overall, students gave their 
guidance counselors overall poor marks, with 48% of them saying they felt that their 
counselors saw them as “a face in the crowd” (Johnson, et. al., 2009).  Specifically, 62% 
rated counselors as poor or fair in helping them think about different careers to pursue, 
and 67% rated counselors as poor or fair in helping them decide the right school 
(Johnson, et. al., 2009).  Both teachers and coaches received higher ratings than 
counselors in motivating them to go on to college (Johnson, et. al., 2009).
High school guidance counselors are not the only ones being criticized for poor 
advising.  Although students in the Public Agenda survey rated advisors in higher 
education institutions better, they also cited room for improvement in such areas as how 
to get loans and scholarships (Johnson, et. al., 2009). 
Most research exploring the impact of guidance counselors primarily relies on 
perceptions of students, and in some cases, administrators (Dodson, 2009).  How 
influential counselors perceive themselves to be has yet to be thoroughly investigated.  
Guidance Counselors and Journalism
While the impact of guidance counselors on students’ choices for higher education 
is clearly mixed, their role as advisors is extremely important to this study.   With the 
rapid and evolving changes in journalism today, it is critical for those in higher education 

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