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Journalism as a viable career choice: What guidance counselors are telling students
Unformatted Document Text:  8 While a masters degree is typically required, education stipulations vary by state (BLS, 2010). Traditional college departments of study for counselors include education, psychology, or human services with specific majors varying widely (BLS, 2010). Furthermore, some states require school counselors to obtain a license and many public school counselors are required to obtain counseling and teaching certificates as well as teaching experience (BLS, 2010). The Role of Guidance Counselors: The Good Guidance counselors have great potential to influence students’ career choice. Though the literature is mixed, some research points to a large influence. Early research on the impact of guidance counselors demonstrated that guidance counselors do have great influence over student decisions. Students receiving school counseling (opposed to control groups with no counseling) were more likely to go to college; achieved more progression in employment within five years of graduation; and achieved higher marks in high school and in college (Rothney,1958). However, Rothney concluded that changes in the structure of the educational system (more comprehensive evaluation measures and more support from parents and school administrators) would produce even greater results —a theme still discussed today (Gysbers, 2004). Two recent investigations compared the impact of guidance counselors in high schools with extensively developed guidance programs and schools with less developed programs (Lapan, Gysbers, & Sun, 1997; Nelson, Gardner, & Fox, 1998). From student reports, both analyses demonstrated the positive impact of the more developed guidance programs: students reported higher grades, greater preparedness for the future (Lapan, Gysbers, & Sun, 1997), taking advanced courses in science and math, and higher ACT

Authors: Rentner, Terry., Oyer, Seth. and Flynn, Mark.
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While a masters degree is typically required, education stipulations vary by state (BLS, 
2010).  Traditional college departments of study for counselors include education, 
psychology, or human services with specific majors varying widely (BLS, 2010). 
Furthermore, some states require school counselors to obtain a license and many public 
school counselors are required to obtain counseling and teaching certificates as well as 
teaching experience (BLS, 2010).
The Role of Guidance Counselors: The Good
Guidance counselors have great potential to influence students’ career choice. 
Though the literature is mixed, some research points to a large influence.  Early research 
on the impact of guidance counselors demonstrated that guidance counselors do have 
great influence over student decisions.  Students receiving school counseling (opposed to 
control groups with no counseling) were more likely to go to college; achieved more 
progression in employment within five years of graduation; and achieved higher marks in 
high school and in college (Rothney,1958). However, Rothney concluded that changes in 
the structure of the educational system (more comprehensive evaluation measures and 
more support from parents and school administrators) would produce even greater results
—a theme still discussed today (Gysbers, 2004).  
Two recent investigations compared the impact of guidance counselors in high 
schools with extensively developed guidance programs and schools with less developed 
programs (Lapan, Gysbers, & Sun, 1997; Nelson, Gardner, & Fox, 1998).  From student 
reports, both analyses demonstrated the positive impact of the more developed guidance 
programs: students reported higher grades, greater preparedness for the future (Lapan, 
Gysbers, & Sun, 1997), taking advanced courses in science and math, and higher ACT 

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