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The pregnancy of “Skinny Moms” for Sale!: Representations of Celebrity Moms’ Pregnancies in Korean Online Media
Unformatted Document Text:  “Skinny Moms” - 11 Just like Hollywood moms, it is argued that the female celebrities‟ secret is breastfeeding and yoga, nothing else. They can achieve their beautiful post-partum bodies merely through ordinary means that everyone can do. Hee-Sun Kim‟s weight rose to 154.32 lbs., but she lost her weight by breastfeeding. „I have slept just 2 or 3 hours a night since beginning breastfeeding. I could quickly lose my weight due to sleep deprivation” (20 May 2010, Edaily). “Yun-A Oh shows off her unchanged S-line after delivery…she began to work out just after a month… „I breastfed my baby and it helped me a lot to lose weight.‟” (4 Apr. 2008, Sports Seoul). “I (Yun-A Oh) weigh less than I did before pregnancy. Yoga and breastfeeding helped me a lot” (26 Mar. 2008, Hankook Ilbo). “I (Seung-Yeon Lee) lost 22 lbs. in two weeks since I began breastfeeding” (27 Oct. 2009, Edaily). It is also suggested that they could be in good shape soon after giving birth because they worked hard to care for their children or to achieve their personal professional goals, things that many real mothers also do. “I (Yun-A Oh) play with my baby boy so drastically. Playing with kids needs more energy than any other exercise” (8 Jul. 2010 Osen). “I (Si-Ra Chae) lost 40 lbs. in four months. I was in constant motion to take care of two children” (28 Jul. 2008 Sports Donga). “I (Yun-A Kim) lost 35 lbs. in four months. My weight was just naturally reduced because I worked a lot for my album” (28 Jul. 2008, Sports Donga). These examples reinforce stereotyping of women. If she is not in good shape soon after delivery, it is because she is lazy. They argue that even with ordinary things such as playing with kids and doing one‟s own work, one can reduce one‟s weight. On the other hand it is also argued that the celebrities‟ quickly recovered bodies were thanks to their good genes. “After 1-2 weeks, my (Tae-Young Sohn) stomach became almost concave. Although I walked a lot, I did not know my stomach would be flattened that fast. People say that I am blessed.” (8 Jul. 2010, Osen). “I (Tae-Young Sohn) did not gain much weight during pregnancy. Watching my figure was not that difficult for me” (28 Apr. 2009, Osen). In sum, female celebrities are either very diligent enough to take regular exercise or very blessed

Authors: Chae, Jiyoung.
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“Skinny Moms” - 11   
Just like Hollywood moms, it is argued that the female celebrities‟ secret is breastfeeding and yoga, 
nothing else. They can achieve their beautiful post-partum bodies merely through ordinary means 
that everyone can do.           
Hee-Sun  Kim‟s  weight  rose  to  154.32  lbs., but  she  lost  her  weight  by  breastfeeding.  „I  have 
slept just 2 or 3 hours a night since beginning breastfeeding. I could quickly lose my weight 
due to sleep deprivation” (20 May 2010, Edaily). 
“Yun-A Oh shows off her unchanged S-line after delivery…she began to work out just after a 
month…  „I  breastfed  my  baby  and  it  helped  me  a  lot  to  lose  weight.‟”  (4  Apr.  2008,  Sports 
“I (Yun-A Oh)  weigh less than I did before pregnancy. Yoga  and breastfeeding helped me  a 
lot” (26 Mar. 2008, Hankook Ilbo).   
“I  (Seung-Yeon  Lee)  lost  22  lbs.  in  two  weeks  since  I  began  breastfeeding”  (27  Oct.  2009, 
It is also suggested that they could be in good shape soon after giving birth because they 
worked hard to  care for  their children or to  achieve their personal  professional goals, things  that 
many real mothers also do.   
“I  (Yun-A  Oh)  play  with  my  baby  boy  so  drastically.  Playing  with  kids  needs  more  energy 
than any other exercise” (8 Jul. 2010 Osen).   
“I  (Si-Ra  Chae)  lost  40  lbs.  in  four  months.  I  was  in  constant  motion  to  take  care  of  two 
children” (28 Jul. 2008 Sports Donga). 
“I (Yun-A Kim) lost 35 lbs. in four months. My weight was just naturally reduced because I 
worked a lot for my album” (28 Jul. 2008, Sports Donga).     
These  examples  reinforce  stereotyping  of  women.  If  she  is  not  in  good  shape  soon  after 
delivery, it is because she is lazy. They argue that even with ordinary things such as playing with 
kids and doing one‟s own work, one can reduce one‟s weight. On the other hand it is also argued 
that the celebrities‟ quickly recovered bodies were thanks to their good genes.   
“After 1-2 weeks, my (Tae-Young Sohn) stomach became almost concave. Although I walked 
a lot, I did not know my stomach would be flattened that fast. People say that I am blessed.” (8 
Jul. 2010, Osen).   
“I (Tae-Young Sohn) did not gain much weight during pregnancy. Watching my figure was not 
that difficult for me” (28 Apr. 2009, Osen).   
In sum, female celebrities are either very diligent enough to take regular exercise or very blessed 

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