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The pregnancy of “Skinny Moms” for Sale!: Representations of Celebrity Moms’ Pregnancies in Korean Online Media
Unformatted Document Text:  “Skinny Moms” - 13 Discussion The analysis of celebrity pregnancy discourses in the online media has revealed three things to be considered. First, the “skinny mom” discourse demonstrates that the thin body ideal and thin body objectification have expanded to pregnancy. Pursuing thinness in pregnant and post- partum bodies is in line with the idealization of thinness, the obsession of Western culture that has spread to all industrialized countries. Describing women‟s bodies as S-line or V-line shows that women‟s bodies are being objectified. In the past, pregnancy has been the only time to escape from that objectification but now even in pregnancy women are not free from being judged by their body shape. Research has demonstrated that media exposure to the ideal, thin body influences the mood and behavior of people, especially women. Harrison and Cantor (1997) find that media, especially those that depict and promote thinness, are associated with women‟s eating disorders. Hargreaves and Tiggemann (2002) showed that appearance-related television commercials cause increased anger and body dissatisfaction, and decreased confidence in women. Groesz, Levine, and Murnen (2002) reported that a more negative body image is related to viewing thin media images than viewing other images such as average or plus size models. Although most respondents of previous studies exploring the relationship between the media and body image were female students, it is highly likely that pregnant women exposed to female celebrities‟ thin pregnancies are influenced by the media in the same way. Thin media images are to be condemned insofar as they present unrealistic standards for ordinary women. Similarly, ordinary mothers are being forced to meet unrealistic standards of a

Authors: Chae, Jiyoung.
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“Skinny Moms” - 13   
The  analysis  of  celebrity  pregnancy  discourses  in  the  online  media  has  revealed  three 
things to  be considered.  First,  the “skinny mom” discourse demonstrates  that the thin body ideal 
and thin body objectification have expanded to pregnancy. Pursuing thinness in pregnant and post-
partum bodies is in line with the idealization of thinness, the obsession of Western culture that has 
spread to all industrialized countries.   
Describing  women‟s  bodies  as  S-line  or  V-line  shows  that  women‟s  bodies  are  being 
objectified.  In the past,  pregnancy  has been  the  only time to  escape  from  that objectification but 
now even in pregnancy women are not free from being judged by their body shape.   
Research  has  demonstrated  that  media  exposure  to  the  ideal,  thin  body  influences  the 
mood  and  behavior  of  people,  especially  women.  Harrison  and  Cantor  (1997)  find  that  media, 
especially  those  that  depict  and  promote  thinness,  are  associated  with  women‟s  eating  disorders. 
Hargreaves  and  Tiggemann  (2002)  showed  that  appearance-related  television  commercials  cause 
increased  anger  and  body  dissatisfaction,  and  decreased  confidence  in  women.  Groesz,  Levine, 
and  Murnen  (2002)  reported  that  a  more  negative  body  image  is  related  to  viewing  thin  media 
images than viewing other images such as average or plus size models. Although most respondents 
of  previous  studies  exploring  the  relationship  between  the  media  and  body  image  were  female 
students,  it  is  highly  likely  that  pregnant  women  exposed  to  female  celebrities‟  thin  pregnancies 
are influenced by the media in the same way.     
Thin media images  are to be condemned insofar as they present unrealistic standards for 
ordinary  women.  Similarly,  ordinary  mothers  are  being  forced  to  meet  unrealistic  standards  of  a 

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