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The pregnancy of “Skinny Moms” for Sale!: Representations of Celebrity Moms’ Pregnancies in Korean Online Media
Unformatted Document Text:  “Skinny Moms” - 19 Harrison, K. (2003). Television Viewers‟ Ideal Body Proportions: The Case of the Curvaceously Thin Woman. Sex Roles, 48, 5/6, 255-64. Hot Mama. (2008, October 20). People, 70, 16. How Did These Stars Get Out of Their Maternity Jeans? (2009, February 16). People, 71, 6. Jermyn, D. (2008). Still Something Else Besides a Mother? Negotiating Celebrity Motherhood in Sarah Jessica Parker's Star Story. Social Semiotics, 18, 2, 163-76. Jung, J-H. (2009). 62.2% of Infants Are Netizen. Yeon-Hap. Retrieved from 8970 24 Sep. 2010. Bishop, M (2009). The Mommy Lift: Cutting Mothers Down to size. In A. C. Hall and M. J. Bishop (Eds.), Mommy Angst: Motherhood in American Popular Culture. (pp. 129-144). Santa Barbara: ABC Clio. McRobbie, A. (2006). Yummy Mummies Leave a Bad Taste for Young Women. Retrieved from 2 Mar. 2006. O‟Donohoe, S. (2006). Yummy Mummies: The Clamor of Glamour in Advertising to Mothers.

Authors: Chae, Jiyoung.
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“Skinny Moms” - 19   
Harrison,  K.  (2003).  Television  Viewers‟  Ideal  Body  Proportions:  The  Case  of  the  Curvaceously 
Thin Woman. Sex Roles48, 5/6, 255-64.   
Hot Mama. (2008, October 20). People70, 16. 
How Did These Stars Get Out of Their Maternity Jeans? (2009, February 16). People, 71, 6.   
Jermyn, D. (2008). Still Something Else Besides a Mother? Negotiating Celebrity Motherhood in 
Sarah Jessica Parker's Star Story. Social Semiotics, 18, 2, 163-76.     
Jung,  J-H.  (2009).  62.2%  of  Infants  Are  Netizen.  Yeon-Hap.  Retrieved  from
8970 24 Sep. 2010.   
Bishop,  M  (2009).  The  Mommy  Lift:  Cutting  Mothers  Down  to  size.  In  A.  C.  Hall  and  M.  J. 
Bishop (Eds.), Mommy Angst: Motherhood in American Popular Culture. (pp. 129-144). 
Santa Barbara: ABC Clio.   
McRobbie, A. (2006). Yummy Mummies Leave a Bad Taste for Young Women. 
O‟Donohoe,  S.  (2006).  Yummy  Mummies:  The  Clamor  of  Glamour  in  Advertising  to  Mothers. 

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