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The pregnancy of “Skinny Moms” for Sale!: Representations of Celebrity Moms’ Pregnancies in Korean Online Media
Unformatted Document Text:  “Skinny Moms” - 4 become open to the exposure of their pregnancy. Now, pregnancy is trend-setting and even lucrative. And it is characterized by the symbiotic relationship between celebrities and the media. Online journalism reports every detail of celebrity pregnancy and profits from it. Celebrities themselves also proudly exhibit their pregnancy on the media and receive people‟s attention. Now, among media representations of Korean celebrities‟ pregnancies, one of the most frequently seen topics is about their pregnant bodies. The media underscore how thin pregnant female celebrities are, how beautiful they are during pregnancy, and how fast they lose their weight gain after delivery. And those who are successful in this task are called “Skinny Moms” by Korean online entertainment media. This has deeply influenced non-celebrity moms in Korea. What pregnant female celebrities do and what they consume during their pregnancies becomes an object of attention, and ordinary mothers aspire to be like them. In this context, this paper explores media representations of celebrity moms‟ pregnancies emphasizing and idealizing the stars‟ thinness and beauty during the pregnancy. How are those representations related to the ideal modern motherhood and what are the social implications? An analysis of the content of online media will be conducted in order to answer these questions. Celebrity Moms and Their Pregnant Bodies It seems evident that Hollywood celebrities have had an impact on Korean stars. In August 1991, Demi Moore‟s naked pregnant body on the cover of Vanity Fair caused a sensation all over the world. With her one hand placed on her breast and the other on her lower belly, she looked beautiful and sexy. In fact, except for her swollen belly, she did not seem to be a pregnant woman. Pregnancy had never been thought of something sexy in popular culture prior to this photo. “The

Authors: Chae, Jiyoung.
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“Skinny Moms” - 4   
become  open  to  the  exposure  of  their  pregnancy.  Now,  pregnancy  is  trend-setting  and  even 
lucrative. And it is characterized by the symbiotic relationship between celebrities and the media. 
Online  journalism  reports  every  detail  of  celebrity  pregnancy  and  profits  from  it.  Celebrities 
themselves also proudly exhibit their pregnancy on the media and receive people‟s attention.   
Now,  among  media  representations  of  Korean  celebrities‟  pregnancies,  one  of  the  most 
frequently  seen  topics  is  about  their  pregnant  bodies.  The  media  underscore  how  thin  pregnant 
female  celebrities  are,  how  beautiful  they  are  during  pregnancy,  and  how  fast  they  lose  their 
weight gain after delivery. And those who are successful in this task are called “Skinny Moms” by 
Korean  online  entertainment  media.  This  has  deeply  influenced  non-celebrity  moms  in  Korea. 
What pregnant female celebrities do and what they consume during their pregnancies becomes an 
object of attention, and ordinary mothers aspire to be like them.   
In this context, this paper explores media representations of celebrity moms‟ pregnancies 
emphasizing  and  idealizing  the  stars‟  thinness  and  beauty  during  the  pregnancy.  How  are  those 
representations related to the ideal modern motherhood and what are the social implications? An 
analysis of the content of online media will be conducted in order to answer these questions.         
Celebrity Moms and Their Pregnant Bodies   
It seems evident that Hollywood celebrities have had an impact on Korean stars. In August 
1991, Demi Moore‟s naked pregnant body on the cover of Vanity Fair caused a sensation all over 
the  world.  With  her  one  hand  placed  on  her  breast  and  the  other  on  her  lower  belly,  she  looked 
beautiful and sexy. In fact, except for her swollen belly, she did not seem to be a pregnant woman. 
Pregnancy had never been thought of something sexy in popular culture prior to this photo. “The 

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