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The pregnancy of “Skinny Moms” for Sale!: Representations of Celebrity Moms’ Pregnancies in Korean Online Media
Unformatted Document Text:  “Skinny Moms” - 6 post-partum body is pathologized by the marketing of a mommy job (Singer, 2007). Hollywood stars‟ thin and beautiful pregnant bodies, and their willingness to display them also clearly influenced Korean celebrities. Since the mid-2000s, Korean female celebrities began to exhibit their pregnancy pictures and talk about their pregnancies. Now, taking pictures of a pregnant body has become a rite of passage for most pregnant women in Korea. It is easy to find pregnant women‟s worries over their weight in online communities. Studies on Celebrity Pregnancy In their book, Douglas and Michaels (2005) pointed out the flood of media discourses, a phenomenon they call “new momism.” New momism requires a woman to “devote her entire physical, psychological, emotional, and intellectual being, 24/7, to her children” (p. 4). In selling new momism, media representation of the celebrity mom is the most influential instrument. According to the authors, starting from the Reagan era, which emphasized wealth and fame, with the rise of entertainment journalism and the increase of working mothers, women began to find their role models in celebrities. Celebrity moms have been seen as successful in both their careers and motherhood and media have tapped into it. Douglas and Michaels noted that media not only focus on celebrity moms‟ intensive mothering, but also show that their pregnancies are portrayed as sexy and they go back to work easily after delivery. Eaves (2009) examined the representation of celebrity motherhood in People magazine. She found that discourses about celebrity motherhood emphasize “intensive mothering,” which is “child-centered, expert-guided, emotionally absorbing, labor intensive and financially expensive” (p. 12). In addition, she found that the discourses also significantly deal with the celebrity moms‟

Authors: Chae, Jiyoung.
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“Skinny Moms” - 6   
post-partum  body  is  pathologized  by  the  marketing  of  a  mommy  job  (Singer,  2007).  Hollywood 
stars‟  thin  and  beautiful  pregnant  bodies,  and  their  willingness  to  display  them  also  clearly 
influenced  Korean  celebrities.  Since  the  mid-2000s,  Korean  female  celebrities  began  to  exhibit 
their pregnancy pictures and talk about their pregnancies. Now, taking pictures of a pregnant body 
has  become  a  rite  of  passage  for  most  pregnant  women  in  Korea.  It  is  easy  to  find  pregnant 
women‟s worries over their weight in online communities.     
Studies on Celebrity Pregnancy 
In their book, Douglas and Michaels (2005) pointed out the flood of media discourses, a 
phenomenon  they  call  “new  momism.”  New  momism  requires  a  woman  to  “devote  her  entire 
physical, psychological, emotional, and intellectual being, 24/7, to her children” (p. 4). In selling 
new  momism,  media  representation  of  the  celebrity  mom  is  the  most  influential  instrument. 
According to the authors, starting from the Reagan era, which emphasized wealth and fame, with 
the  rise  of  entertainment  journalism  and  the  increase  of  working  mothers,  women  began  to  find 
their role models in celebrities. Celebrity moms have been seen as successful in both their careers 
and motherhood and media have tapped into it. Douglas and Michaels noted that media not only 
focus on celebrity moms‟ intensive mothering, but also show that their pregnancies are portrayed 
as sexy and they go back to work easily after delivery.   
Eaves  (2009)  examined  the  representation  of  celebrity  motherhood  in  People  magazine. 
She found that discourses about celebrity motherhood emphasize “intensive mothering,” which is 
“child-centered, expert-guided, emotionally absorbing, labor intensive and financially expensive” 
(p. 12). In addition, she found that the discourses also significantly deal with the celebrity moms‟ 

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