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The pregnancy of “Skinny Moms” for Sale!: Representations of Celebrity Moms’ Pregnancies in Korean Online Media
Unformatted Document Text:  “Skinny Moms” - 8 However, literature investigating media representation of the celebrity mom is scarce in the U.S. and does not exist in Korea. Moreover, up until now, no study focused solely on the representations of the pregnant bodies of celebrities. In this context, looking at pregnant bodies in the media will provide a valuable insight into the relationship among media, celebrity culture and non-celebrities. Method Online articles dealing with female celebrities‟ pregnancies in the past three years were analyzed. Although there have been many celebrities experiencing pregnancy very publicly via media coverage, nine actresses and one singer were chosen given the public‟s interest as derived from their popularity. An Internet search using keywords linking the celebrities‟ names and the word “pregnancy” returned more than 6,000 articles. However, most of these articles delivered the same content based on press releases from the stars‟ entertainment agencies. Also, articles that were not related to the physical appearance of the female celebrities, the aim of this paper‟s exploration, were excluded. As a result, 198 articles, approximately 20 per person, were finally analyzed. While most research on celebrity pregnancy in the U.S. has been focused on celebrity gossip magazines, that kind of magazine is not popular in Korea. Celebrity gossip is mostly covered by the Internet entertainment news. Moreover, it is important to note the high ratio of Internet use in Korea. According to the Korea Internet and Security Agency, 77.2% of the Korean population older than three years of age uses the Internet. Moreover, 99.9% of teenagers, 99.7% of those in their 20s, and 98.8% of people in their 30s use the Internet (Jung, 2009). The Organization

Authors: Chae, Jiyoung.
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“Skinny Moms” - 8   
However,  literature  investigating  media  representation  of  the  celebrity  mom  is  scarce  in 
the  U.S.  and  does  not  exist  in  Korea.  Moreover,  up  until  now,  no  study  focused  solely  on  the 
representations of the pregnant bodies of celebrities. In this context, looking at pregnant bodies in 
the media will provide a valuable insight into the relationship among media, celebrity culture and 
Online  articles  dealing  with  female  celebrities‟  pregnancies  in  the  past  three  years  were 
analyzed.  Although  there  have  been  many  celebrities  experiencing  pregnancy  very  publicly  via 
media coverage, nine actresses and one singer were chosen given the public‟s interest as derived 
from  their  popularity.  An  Internet  search  using  keywords  linking  the  celebrities‟  names  and  the 
word “pregnancy” returned more than 6,000 articles. However, most of these articles delivered the 
same  content  based  on  press  releases  from  the  stars‟  entertainment  agencies.  Also,  articles  that 
were  not  related  to  the  physical  appearance  of  the  female  celebrities,  the  aim  of  this  paper‟s 
exploration,  were  excluded.  As  a  result,  198  articles,  approximately  20  per  person,  were  finally 
While  most  research  on  celebrity  pregnancy  in  the  U.S.  has  been  focused  on  celebrity 
gossip  magazines,  that  kind  of  magazine  is  not  popular  in  Korea.  Celebrity  gossip  is  mostly 
covered  by  the  Internet  entertainment  news.  Moreover,  it  is  important  to  note  the  high  ratio  of 
Internet use in Korea. According to the Korea Internet and Security Agency, 77.2% of the Korean 
population older than three years of age uses the Internet. Moreover, 99.9% of teenagers, 99.7% of 
those in their 20s, and 98.8% of people in their 30s use the Internet (Jung, 2009). The Organization 

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