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The pregnancy of “Skinny Moms” for Sale!: Representations of Celebrity Moms’ Pregnancies in Korean Online Media
Unformatted Document Text:  “Skinny Moms” - 9 for Economic Cooperation and Development (2010) reported that 77% of the population of Korea read online news and it is the highest ratio in the world, followed by Norway (73%) and Iceland (69%). As for celebrities‟ pregnancies, Korean terrestrial television does not deal with the amount of detail given by the online media. Therefore, given the high rate of Internet use in Korea and the characteristics of entertainment journalism, it is not wrong to say that celebrity journalism on pregnancy is mostly consumed on the Internet. Analyzing online articles has its limitation in that most of them are filled with superficial observations, unlike magazines that feature an interview with the stars. Nevertheless, given the high possibility of exposure to the public, they definitely seem to influence most people in Korea. Result Three tendencies in articles dealing with female celebrities‟ pregnancies were identified. First, they emphasize that female stars are still thin and beautiful during pregnancy, with an unchanged “S-line,” Korean slang referring to women‟s hourglass body shape, and “V-line,” a slang term referring to narrow facial features. They argue that it is “hard to believe” that the celebrities are pregnant. The celebrities are called “Skinny moms” because their pregnant bodies are the same as their bodies before pregnancy except for their baby bump. “They are skinny moms. When they pregnant, they just have a baby bump and soon get back to their „S-line‟ body shape.” (10 Feb. 2009, Cookie News). “So-Young Koh‟s figure is the same as before. Most pregnant women wear loose clothes due to their ruined waistlines, but she is putting on a belt” (5 Aug. 2010, Sports Choson). “(So-Young Koh‟s) Svelte figure that is hard to be seen as a pregnant woman‟s…a face with clear V- line…” (9 Aug. 2010, Dailian). “Her (So-Young Koh) beauty makes us hard to believe that she is six months pregnant” (8 Jun. 2010, Star News). “Her (So-Young Koh) thin legs deserve to be praised” (17 May 2010, Star News). “Hee-Sun Kim, Six months pregnant, is still thin. Only her stomach tells that she is pregnant”

Authors: Chae, Jiyoung.
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“Skinny Moms” - 9   
for Economic Cooperation and Development (2010) reported that 77% of the population of Korea 
read online news and it is the highest ratio in the world, followed by Norway (73%) and Iceland 
(69%). As for celebrities‟ pregnancies, Korean terrestrial television does not deal with the amount 
of detail given by the online media. Therefore, given the high rate of Internet use in Korea and the 
characteristics  of  entertainment  journalism,  it  is  not  wrong  to  say  that  celebrity  journalism  on 
pregnancy is mostly consumed on the Internet.   
Analyzing online articles has its limitation in that most of them are filled with superficial 
observations,  unlike  magazines  that  feature  an  interview  with  the  stars.  Nevertheless,  given  the 
high possibility of exposure to the public, they definitely seem to influence most people in Korea.     
Three  tendencies  in  articles  dealing  with  female  celebrities‟  pregnancies  were  identified. 
First,  they  emphasize  that  female  stars  are  still  thin  and  beautiful  during  pregnancy,  with  an 
unchanged  “S-line,”  Korean  slang  referring  to  women‟s  hourglass  body  shape,  and  “V-line,”  a 
slang  term  referring  to  narrow  facial  features.  They  argue  that  it  is  “hard  to  believe”  that  the 
celebrities are pregnant.  The  celebrities are called  “Skinny moms” because their pregnant  bodies 
are the same as their bodies before pregnancy except for their baby bump.     
“They are skinny moms. When they pregnant, they just have a baby bump and soon get back 
to their „S-line‟ body shape.” (10 Feb. 2009, Cookie News).   
“So-Young Koh‟s figure is the same as before. Most pregnant women wear loose clothes due 
to their ruined waistlines, but she is putting on a belt” (5 Aug. 2010, Sports Choson).   
“(So-Young Koh‟s) Svelte figure that is hard to be seen as a pregnant woman‟s…a face with 
clear V- line…” (9 Aug. 2010, Dailian). 
“Her (So-Young Koh) beauty makes us hard to believe that she is six months pregnant” (8 Jun. 
2010, Star News).   
“Her (So-Young Koh) thin legs deserve to be praised” (17 May 2010, Star News).   
“Hee-Sun Kim, Six months pregnant, is still thin. Only her stomach tells that she is pregnant” 

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