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They Came to Toil: U.S. News Coverage of Mexicans on the Eve of the Great Depression
Unformatted Document Text:  They  Came  to  Toil:  U.S.  News  Coverage  of  Mexicans  on  the  Eve  of  the  Great  Depression   Melita  M.  Garza  -­-­  Page  -­28-­                                                                                                                      Hill and Wang), 1994 edition, cite Mexican government statistics that show 458,000 Mexicans returned between 1929 and 1937. Meier and Ribera say that Texas had the most returnees, 132,000. 9 Hoffman, Unwanted Mexicans in the Great Depression, 118. 10 National Bureau of Economic Research, Business Cycle Dating, Committee, National Bureau of Economic Research, September 20,2010. (accessed November 21, 2010). 11 Curtis D. MacDougall, A College Course in Reporting for Beginners, (New York: The MacMillan Co., 1932), 51. 12 Ibid. 13 Willard G. Bleyer, Newspaper Writing and Editing, (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1932), 32. 14 Ibid., 54. 15 Pamela J. Shoemaker and Stephen D. Reese, Mediating the Message: Theories of Influences on Mass Media Content, (New York and London: Longman Publishing Group, 1991), 38. 16 “A History of the San Antonio Express-News,” the San Antonio Express-News, (accessed November 7, 2010). See also William Walker Nesbitt, History of the San Antonio Express, 1865-1965, unpublished master’s thesis, The University of Texas, 2. See Nora Rios-McMillan, “A Biography of a Man and His Newspaper,” The Americas Review, 17 Nos. 3-4, (Fall-Winter), 1989. 17 The Express started the Evening News in 1918 to offer readers and advertisers an afternoon alternative to The San Antonio Light. See William Walker Nesbitt, History of the San Antonio Express, 1865-1965, (Austin, Texas: University of Texas Austin unpublished master’s thesis, 1965). The Light was founded in 1880 and bought by William Randolph Hearst in 1924. From “A History of the San Antonio Express-News.” 18 Nesbitt, History of the San Antonio Express, 139. 19 Ibid., 111-112, 120. 20 “A History of the San Antonio Express-News.” Rios-McMillan, “A Biography of a Man,” 137. See also Gutiérrez, Walls and Mirror, 40. In 1923, ten years after founding

Authors: Garza, Melita M..
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They  Came  to  Toil:  
U.S.  News  Coverage  of  Mexicans  on  the  Eve  of  the  Great  Depression  
Melita  M.  Garza  -­-­  Page  -­28-­  
Hill and Wang), 1994 edition, cite Mexican government statistics that show 458,000 
Mexicans returned between 1929 and 1937. Meier and Ribera say that Texas had the 
most returnees, 132,000. 
 Hoffman, Unwanted Mexicans in the Great Depression, 118. 
 National Bureau of Economic Research, Business Cycle Dating, Committee, National 
Bureau of Economic Research, September 20,2010.
 (accessed November 21, 2010). 
 Curtis D. MacDougall, A College Course in Reporting for Beginners, (New York: The 
MacMillan Co., 1932), 51. 
 Willard G. Bleyer, Newspaper Writing and Editing, (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 
1932), 32. 
 Ibid., 54. 
 Pamela J. Shoemaker and Stephen D. Reese, Mediating the Message: Theories of 
Influences on Mass Media Content, (New York and London: Longman Publishing Group, 
1991), 38. 
 “A History of the San Antonio Express-News,” the San Antonio Express-News
  (accessed November 7, 
2010). See also William Walker Nesbitt, History of the San Antonio Express, 1865-1965
unpublished master’s thesis, The University of Texas, 2.  See Nora Rios-McMillan, “A 
Biography of a Man and His Newspaper,” The Americas Review, 17 Nos. 3-4, (Fall-
Winter), 1989. 
 The Express started the Evening News in 1918 to offer readers and advertisers an 
afternoon alternative to The San Antonio Light. See William Walker Nesbitt, History of 
the San Antonio Express, 1865-1965
, (Austin, Texas: University of Texas Austin 
unpublished master’s thesis, 1965). The Light was founded in 1880 and bought by 
William Randolph Hearst in 1924. From “A History of the San Antonio Express-News.”  
 Nesbitt, History of the San Antonio Express, 139. 
 Ibid., 111-112, 120. 
 “A History of the San Antonio Express-News.” Rios-McMillan, “A Biography of a 
Man,” 137. See also Gutiérrez, Walls and Mirror, 40. In 1923, ten years after founding 

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