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They Came to Toil: U.S. News Coverage of Mexicans on the Eve of the Great Depression
Unformatted Document Text:  They  Came  to  Toil:  U.S.  News  Coverage  of  Mexicans  on  the  Eve  of  the  Great  Depression   Melita  M.  Garza  -­-­  Page  -­33-­                                                                                                                       95 For a discussion of La Prensa’s exile perspective see Bruce-Novoa, “La Prensa and the Chicano Community,” The Americas Review, 17, 3-4, 151. The incident involving land being illegally given to repatriates is recounted from La Prensa’s sister paper in Los Angeles La Opinion, found in 1926. “Las Repatriados Mexicanos Deben Informarse de las Tierras que les Entreguen,” La Prensa, 3 April 1930. 96 “Las Repatriados Mexicanos Deben Informarse de las Tierras que les Entreguen,” La Prensa, 3 April 1930. 97 “El Gobierno Ayuda a los Deportados,” La Prensa, 9 April 1930, 1. 98 “Immigration Law Failure is Claim: Absence of Machinery for Deportation of Violators Blamed,” San Antonio Express, San Antonio Express, 13 January 1930, 17. 99 “Unified Border Patrol Urged,” San Antonio Express, 14 January 1930, 5. 100 “500 Escolares Mexicanos Deportados,” La Prensa, 27 March 1930. 101 “Ha Disminuido La Poblacion Escolar De El Paso, A Causa De Las Deportaciones,” La Prensa, 30 March 1930, 8. 102 “Glosario Del Dia,” Rodolfo Uranga, La Prensa, 2 April 1930, 3. 103 “’La Prensa Ayudara a Buscar Empleo a Los Compatriotas Que Carecen De Trabajo,” La Prensa, 2 April 1930, 1. 104 “City Thanked for Refusing to Change the Name of Zarzamora,” San Antonio Express, 4 January 1930, 22. 105 “Recreating the Old San Antonio Road,” San Antonio Express, 27 January 1930. The Express editorial writer expressed a clear sense of the significance of San Antonio’s Spanish colonial past, writing: “The reconstruction task follows ancient precedent. Don Antonio Cordero, Spanish Governor of San Antonio, ordered the road—then called El Camino Real—or King’s Highway—repaired in 1805. The Congress of the Republic of Texas passed a bill directing its improvement in 1839. The restoration work of 1930 should be done so thoroughly as to last forever.”

Authors: Garza, Melita M..
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They  Came  to  Toil:  
U.S.  News  Coverage  of  Mexicans  on  the  Eve  of  the  Great  Depression  
Melita  M.  Garza  -­-­  Page  -­33-­  
 For a discussion of La Prensa’s exile perspective see Bruce-Novoa, “La Prensa and 
the Chicano Community,” The Americas Review, 17, 3-4, 151. The incident involving 
land being illegally given to repatriates is recounted from La Prensa’s sister paper in Los 
Angeles La Opinion, found in 1926. “Las Repatriados Mexicanos Deben Informarse de 
las Tierras que les Entreguen,” La Prensa, 3 April 1930. 
 Las Repatriados Mexicanos Deben Informarse de las Tierras que les Entreguen,” La 
Prensa, 3 April 1930. 
 “El Gobierno Ayuda a los Deportados,” La Prensa, 9 April 1930, 1. 
 “Immigration Law Failure is Claim: Absence of Machinery for Deportation of 
Violators Blamed,” San Antonio Express, San Antonio Express, 13 January 1930, 17. 
 “Unified Border Patrol Urged,” San Antonio Express, 14 January 1930, 5. 
 “500 Escolares Mexicanos Deportados,” La Prensa, 27 March 1930. 
 “Ha Disminuido La Poblacion Escolar De El Paso, A Causa De Las Deportaciones,” 
La Prensa, 30 March 1930, 8. 
 “Glosario Del Dia,” Rodolfo Uranga, La Prensa, 2 April 1930, 3. 
 “’La Prensa Ayudara a Buscar Empleo a Los Compatriotas Que Carecen De Trabajo,” 
La Prensa, 2 April 1930, 1. 
 “City Thanked for Refusing to Change the Name of Zarzamora,” San Antonio 
Express, 4 January 1930, 22. 
 “Recreating the Old San Antonio Road,” San Antonio Express, 27 January 1930. The 
Express editorial writer expressed a clear sense of the significance of San Antonio’s 
Spanish colonial past, writing: “The reconstruction task follows ancient precedent. Don 
Antonio Cordero, Spanish Governor of San Antonio, ordered the road—then called El 
Camino Real—or King’s Highway—repaired in 1805. The Congress of the Republic of 
Texas passed a bill directing its improvement in 1839. The restoration work of 1930 
should be done so thoroughly as to last forever.” 

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