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Soap operas as a matchmaker: A cultivation analysis of the effects of South Korean TV dramas’ on Vietnamese women’s marital intentions
Unformatted Document Text:  SOAP OPERAS AS A MATCHMAKER 33   Statistics Korea. (2010b). Employment & unemployment rate. Retrieved February 10, 2010, from Strait Times. (2002a). ‘China girls seek surgery to look like Korean stars’, Straits Times 12 March. Strait Times. (2002b). ‘Taiwan women hanker after Korean looks’, Straits Times 5 August. Sutton, S. (1989). Smoking attitudes and behavior: applications of Fishbein and Ajzen's theory of reasoned action to predicting and understanding smoking decisions. In T. Ney, & A. Gale, Smoking and human behavior (pp. 289- 312). Chichester, UK: Wiley. Tan, A., & Suarchavarat, K. (1988). American TV and social stereotypes of Americans in Thailand. Journalism Quarterly, 65(4), 648-654. Thuy, Q. (2009). Vietnam - South Korea copperate in plastic surgery, Vietnamnet. Retrieved October 4, 2010, from Unger, E. (1991). Media and society: Sociocultural change in Vietnam since 1986. In D. Forbes, T. Hull, D. Marr & B. Brogan (Eds.), Doi Moi: Vietnam’s renovation policy and performance (pp. 46–53). Canberra Australia: Department of Political and Social Change. U.S. Department of State. (2007). Trafficking in person report. Washington D.C. Retrieved October 12, 2010, from Vietnam's General Statistics Office. (2008). Survey of Vietnam households living standard. Retrieved July 15, 2010, from Vietnam’s Women’s Union. (2008). The issue of Vietnamese women marrying foreign men. Retrieved , December 4, 2010, from Wang, H., & Chang, S. (2002). The commodification of international marriages: Cross-border marriage business in Taiwan and Vietnam. International Migration, 40(6), 93-116. Weimann, G. (1984). Images of life in America: The impact of American TV in Israel. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 8(2), 185-197. Wijers, M., Lin, L., & tegen-Vrouwenhandel, S. (1997). Trafficking in women, forced labour and slavery-like practices in marriage, domestic labour and prostitution. Utrecht, the Netherlands: Foundation Against Trafficking in Women. Wimmer, R. D., & Dominick, J. R. (2003). Mass media research: An introduction (7th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth/Thomson Learning. Yang, F. (2008). The genrification of “Korean drama” in Taiwan. China Information, 22(2), 277- 304. Yin, K., & Liew, K. (2004). Hallyu in Singapore: Korean cosmopolitanism or the consumption of Chineseness? Korean Journal, 45(4), 206-232.    

Authors: Vu, Hong.
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