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Educational Crusade or Product Masquerade? Exploring the Commercialization of Social Responsibility in America's Healthcare Industry
Unformatted Document Text:  COMMERCIALIZATION OF SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 8 campaign, which eventually escorted audience members to a product promotion, might essentially tarnish a medical breakthrough capable of fostering feminine well-being nationwide. Any indication of debatable advertising devices, corrupt marketing motives, or hidden corporate agendas yields the potential for a collapse in vaccination communication and a break-down in overall social health advancement. By examining the themes and commercial text employed throughout the evolvement of Merck’s roll-out campaign, the present study polls viewer understanding and perception of the marketed health threat. Through group discussion, this study aims to expose the degree to which viewers identify Merck’s involvement in the awareness crusade, and correspondingly, the level of influence cognitive recognition of product promotion has on viewer reception of the health threat, healthcare campaign, and HPV vaccination. Following Merskin and Kreshel’s (2009) argument that, “we should at least pause and think about what is happening when companies use social responsibility as an advertising strategy,” this exploratory study hopes to provide insight to the societal implications rooted in the GARDASIL marketing operation, and demonstrate ways in which corporate branding participates in the production and fortification of viewer awareness and understanding of cervical cancer (in Pardun, 2009, p.175). Accordingly, this study aims to answer the following questions: RQ1: Are viewers able to consciously recognize and verbalize Merck’s involvement in the three-tiered campaign? RQ2: In what ways does the awareness campaign facilitate viewer sense making of the HPV health issue and the presume cure, GARDASIL? RQ3: In what ways does corporate sponsorship recognition influence consumer perception of the GARDASIL vaccination? Methods

Authors: Crosswell, Laura.
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campaign, which eventually escorted audience members to a product promotion, might 
essentially tarnish a medical breakthrough capable of fostering feminine well-being nationwide. 
Any indication of debatable advertising devices, corrupt marketing motives, or hidden corporate 
agendas yields the potential for a collapse in vaccination communication and a break-down in 
overall social health advancement.  
By examining the themes and commercial text employed throughout the evolvement of 
Merck’s roll-out campaign, the present study polls viewer understanding and perception of the 
marketed health threat. Through group discussion, this study aims to expose the degree to which 
viewers identify Merck’s involvement in the awareness crusade, and correspondingly, the level 
of influence cognitive recognition of product promotion has on viewer reception of the health 
threat, healthcare campaign, and HPV vaccination. Following Merskin and Kreshel’s (2009) 
argument that, “we should at least pause and think about what is happening when companies use 
social responsibility as an advertising strategy,” this exploratory study hopes to provide insight 
to the societal implications rooted in the GARDASIL marketing operation, and demonstrate 
ways in which corporate branding participates in the production and fortification of viewer 
awareness and understanding of cervical cancer (in Pardun, 2009, p.175). Accordingly, this study 
aims to answer the following questions: 
RQ1: Are viewers able to consciously recognize and verbalize Merck’s involvement in the three-
tiered campaign? 
RQ2: In what ways does the awareness campaign facilitate viewer sense making of the HPV 
health issue and the presume cure, GARDASIL? 
RQ3: In what ways does corporate sponsorship recognition influence consumer perception of the 
GARDASIL vaccination? 

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