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Elaboration, content preference and framing: Effects of “Incompetent Authority” frame in China-made product recall coverage
Unformatted Document Text:  Elaboration, content preference and framing References Akhavan-Majid, R., & J. Ramaprasad. (1998). Framing and ideology: A comparative analysis of U.S. and Chinese newspaper coverage of the 4th UN conference on women and NGO forum. Mass Communication & Society, 1(3), 131-152. Ansolabehere, S., Iyengar, A., & Valentino, N. (1994). Does attack advertising demobilize the electorate? The American Political Science Review, 88(4). 829-838. Areni, C.S. (2003). The effects of structural and grammatical variables on persuasion: An elaboration likelihood model perspective. Psychology and Marketing, 20, 349-375. Bargh, J. A., & Chartrand, T.L. (1999). The unbearable automaticity of being. American Psychologist, 54, 462-479. Benford, R., & Snow, D. A. (2000). Framing processes and Social movements: An overview and assessment. Annual Review of Sociology, 26, 611-639. Berns, N. (2004). Framing the victim: Domestic violence, media and social problem. New York: Aldine de Gruyter. Bilandzic, H. & Rossler, P. (2006). Life according to television. Implications of genre- specific cultivation effects: The Gratification/Cultivation model. Communication, 29(3), 295-326. Bilandzic, H., & Busselle, R.W. (2008). Transportation and transportability in the cultivation of genre-consistent attitudes and estimates. Journal of Communication,58(3), 508-529. Bower, B. A., & Taylor, V. A. (2003). Increasing intention to comply with pharmaceutical product instructions: An exploratory study investigating the roles of frame and plain language. Journal of Health Communication, 8, 145-156.

Authors: Pan, Ji.
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Elaboration, content preference and framing
Akhavan-Majid, R., & J. Ramaprasad. (1998). Framing and ideology: A comparative 
analysis of U.S. and Chinese newspaper coverage of the 4th UN conference on women 
and NGO forum. Mass Communication & Society, 1(3), 131-152.
Ansolabehere, S., Iyengar, A., & Valentino, N. (1994). Does attack advertising demobilize 
the electorate? The American Political Science Review, 88(4). 829-838.
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elaboration likelihood model perspective. Psychology and Marketing, 20, 349-375. 
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York: Aldine de Gruyter.
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specific cultivation effects: The Gratification/Cultivation model. Communication
29(3), 295-326. 
Bilandzic, H., & Busselle, R.W. (2008). Transportation and transportability in the cultivation 
of genre-consistent attitudes and estimates. Journal of Communication,58(3), 508-529. 
Bower, B. A., & Taylor, V. A. (2003). Increasing intention to comply with pharmaceutical 
          product instructions: An exploratory study investigating the roles of frame and plain 
language. Journal of Health Communication, 8, 145-156.

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