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The Effects of LCD Panel Type on Psychology of Video Game Players and Movie Viewers
Unformatted Document Text:  4 questionnaire measuring participants’ level of satisfaction with the monitor they used as well as their perceived viewing/rendering quality. In the movie-watching condition, participants were told that they were going to watch a scene from G.I. Joe for 10 minutes alone in the room, and instructed not to modify any configurations on the computer while the movie was being played, except the volume and their sitting posture. The experimenter started the movie and then left the room for 10 minutes. The paper-and-pencil questionnaire was administered when the experimenter re-entered the room. After filling out the questionnaire, participants in both conditions were debriefed, paid five dollars, and asked not to discuss the experiment with others. User Experience (UX) A questionnaire composed of 19 items (Table 1) measuring participants’ level of computer literacy and satisfaction with the monitors, as well as perceived level of presence and enjoyment, was prepared. Participants responded to each item by marking on a 10-point Likert scale (1=“strongly disagree,” 10=“strongly agree”). Results A series of General Linear Model analyses was conducted with the two manipulated independent variables (panel type and stimulus type) and one measured variable (computer Table 1. Dependent Variables & User Experience (UX) Questionnaire Dependent Variables Questionnaire Items Response Rate I was satisfied with the response rate of the LCD monitor. During the game/movie, I did not find myself distracted by the motion blur. Viewing Angle I am satisfied with the viewing angle of the LCD monitor. I was able to view the images displayed on the LCD monitor without any distortions or discolorations from my natural posture. Contrast Ratio I was satisfied with the contrast ratio of the LCD monitor. I was satisfied with the vividness of image displayed on the LCD monitor. Perceived Realism During the game/movie, I felt I was in the world the game/movie created. During the game/movie, I felt the game/movie-generated world was realistic. Overall Viewing Experience During the game/movie, the visual display quality did not interfere or distract me from focusing on the game/movie. I was satisfied with the overall viewing experience provided by the LCD monitor. I was satisfied with the visual display quality of the LCD monitor. Presence When the movie/game ended, I felt like I came back to the “real world” after a journey. The movie/game came to me and created a new world for me, and the world suddenly disappeared when the movie/game ended. During the game/movie, I never forgot that I was in the middle of an experiment. During the game/movie, my body was in the room, but my mind was inside the world created by game/movie. The game/movie-generated world seemed to me somewhere I really visited. During the game/movie, my mind was in the room, not in the world created by the game/movie. During the game/movie, the game/movie-generated world was more real or present for me compared to the “real world.” Enjoyment During the experiment, I enjoyed playing/watching the game/movie.

Authors: Kim, Ki Joon. and Sundar, S. Shyam.
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questionnaire  measuring  participants’  level  of 
satisfaction  with  the  monitor  they  used  as  well 
as their perceived viewing/rendering quality.     
participants  were  told  that  they  were  going  to 
watch a scene from G.I. Joe for 10 minutes alone 
in  the  room,  and  instructed  not  to  modify  any 
configurations on the computer while the movie 
was  being  played,  except  the  volume  and  their 
sitting  posture.  The  experimenter  started  the 
movie  and  then  left  the  room  for  10  minutes. 
administered when the experimenter re-entered 
the room.  
participants  in  both  conditions  were  debriefed, 
paid  five  dollars,  and  asked  not  to  discuss  the 
experiment with others. 
User Experience (UX) 
A questionnaire composed of 19 items (Table 
1)  measuring  participants’  level  of  computer 
literacy  and  satisfaction  with  the  monitors,  as 
well  as  perceived  level  of  presence  and 
responded  to  each  item  by  marking  on  a  10-
point  Likert  scale  (1=“strongly  disagree,” 
10=“strongly agree”). 
A  series  of  General  Linear  Model  analyses 
was  conducted  with  the  two  manipulated 
independent variables (panel type and stimulus 
type)  and  one  measured  variable  (computer 
Table 1. Dependent Variables & User Experience (UX) Questionnaire 
Questionnaire Items 
I was satisfied with the response rate of the LCD monitor. 
During the game/movie, I did not find myself distracted by the motion blur. 
I am satisfied with the viewing angle of the LCD monitor. 
I was able to view the images displayed on the LCD monitor without any distortions or 
discolorations from my natural posture. 
I was satisfied with the contrast ratio of the LCD monitor. 
I was satisfied with the vividness of image displayed on the LCD monitor. 
During the game/movie, I felt I was in the world the game/movie created. 
During the game/movie, I felt the game/movie-generated world was realistic. 
During the game/movie, the visual display quality did not interfere or distract me from 
focusing on the game/movie. 
I was satisfied with the overall viewing experience provided by the LCD monitor. 
I was satisfied with the visual display quality of the LCD monitor. 
When the movie/game ended, I felt like I came back to the “real world” after a journey. 
The movie/game came to me and created a new world for me, and the world suddenly 
disappeared when the movie/game ended. 
During the game/movie, I never forgot that I was in the middle of an experiment. 
During the game/movie, my body was in the room, but my mind was inside the world 
created by game/movie. 
The game/movie-generated world seemed to me somewhere I really visited. 
During the game/movie, my mind was in the room, not in the world created by the 
During the game/movie, the game/movie-generated world was more real or present for 
me compared to the “real world.” 
Enjoyment  During the experiment, I enjoyed playing/watching the game/movie. 

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