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Communication Mediation Model of Late-Night Comedy
Unformatted Document Text:  COMMUNICATION MEDIATION MODEL OF LATE-NIGHT COMEDY 9 influence of late-night humor into meaningful behaviors. On the one hand, deliberation of heterogeneous perspectives can mediate and reinforce the influence of the media on political behaviors, given that those who anticipate conversations with non-likeminded others tend to show more careful processing of mass mediated information to defend their views . Conversely, exposure to heterogeneous perspectives may counterbalance the effects of mass media . Accordingly, an additional research question is posed to assess the mediating effect of heterogeneous discussion. RQ3: How does heterogeneous discussion mediate the relationship between late-night comedy use and political participation? Study 1: Online Experiment Participants The experimental data came from an online experiment that was conducted in February 2011. The data collection was administered by the research firm Qualtrics. A total of 768 individuals from a census representative panel selected based on the stratified quota sampling method participated in the online experiment in exchange for a cash value reward that was credited to a panel member’s online account. Procedure Invited panel members were randomly assigned to one of the three conditions. The first group (n = 256) viewed a short video clip of several segments from The Daily Show concerning the government’s bailout of big companies. The second group (n = 254) was exposed to a compiled video from NBC Nightly News and this clip also featured selected coverage of the government’s bailout. To maintain control across the conditions, both clips lasted about four minutes, while featuring the Congress’ hearing over the bailout. The third group (n = 258) viewed a clip about a Disney Resort in Orlando, and it served as the control.

Authors: Lee, Hoon.
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influence of late-night humor into meaningful behaviors.  On the one hand, deliberation of 
heterogeneous perspectives can mediate and reinforce the influence of the media on political 
behaviors, given that those who anticipate conversations with non-likeminded others tend to 
show more careful processing of mass mediated information to defend their views .  Conversely, 
exposure to heterogeneous perspectives may counterbalance the effects of mass media . 
Accordingly, an additional research question is posed to assess the mediating effect of 
heterogeneous discussion.  
RQ3: How does heterogeneous discussion mediate the relationship between late-night 
comedy use and political participation? 
Study 1: Online Experiment
The experimental data came from an online experiment that was conducted in February 
2011.  The data collection was administered by the research firm Qualtrics.  A total of 768 
individuals from a census representative panel selected based on the stratified quota sampling 
method participated in the online experiment in exchange for a cash value reward that was 
credited to a panel member’s online account.
Invited panel members were randomly assigned to one of the three conditions.  The first 
group (= 256) viewed a short video clip of several segments from The Daily Show concerning 
the government’s bailout of big companies.  The second group (= 254) was exposed to a 
compiled video from NBC Nightly News and this clip also featured selected coverage of the 
government’s bailout.  To maintain control across the conditions, both clips lasted about four 
minutes, while featuring the Congress’ hearing over the bailout.  The third group (= 258) 
viewed a clip about a Disney Resort in Orlando, and it served as the control. 

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