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Communication Mediation Model of Late-Night Comedy
Unformatted Document Text:  COMMUNICATION MEDIATION MODEL OF LATE-NIGHT COMEDY 15 household income, population density, panel member’s age, gender, and region. By relying on this stratified quota sampling method, approximately 2,000 mail survey respondents were selected, from which 777 individuals responded. This represents a response rate of 38.9 percent. This sampling method largely differs from more conventional probability sample procedures yet produces highly comparable data . Measures Political Participation. Respondents were asked about their frequency of involvement in four types of political activities. Responses were recorded on an 8-point scale and were averaged to form an index of political participation (M = 1.33, SD = .70, α = .80). Interpersonal Talk. For the measure of discussion frequency, respondents were asked to report on an 8-point scale how often they discuss politics with neighbors, friends, and family and responses were combined to form an index (M = 2.98, SD = 1.71, α = .84). Heterogeneous discussion was measured by a single item asking on a 6-point scale to what extent respondents believe that most people they talk to have different political views than their own (M = 3.56, SD = 1.38). For the measure of network size, respondents were asked on an open-ended question to report the number of people with whom they talk about politics (M = 5.00, SD = 4.55). Late-Night Comedy Use. Respondents were asked on a 5-point scale how often they used The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. Responses on these two items were averaged to form an index of late-night comedy exposure (M = 1.44, SD = .87, α = .85). Conventional News Uses.

Authors: Lee, Hoon.
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household income, population density, panel member’s age, gender, and region.  By relying on 
this stratified quota sampling method, approximately 2,000 mail survey respondents were 
selected, from which 777 individuals responded.  This represents a response rate of 38.9 percent. 
This sampling method largely differs from more conventional probability sample procedures yet 
produces highly comparable data .
Political Participation. 
Respondents were asked about their frequency of involvement in four types of political 
activities.  Responses were recorded on an 8-point scale and were averaged to form an index of 
political participation (= 1.33, SD = .70, 
 = .80).
Interpersonal Talk.  
For the measure of discussion frequency, respondents were asked to report on an 8-point 
scale how often they discuss politics with neighbors, friends, and family and responses were 
combined to form an index (= 2.98, SD = 1.71, 
 = .84).  Heterogeneous discussion was 
measured by a single item asking on a 6-point scale to what extent respondents believe that most 
people they talk to have different political views than their own (= 3.56, SD = 1.38).  For the 
measure of network size, respondents were asked on an open-ended question to report the 
number of people with whom they talk about politics (= 5.00, SD = 4.55).
Late-Night Comedy Use.  
Respondents were asked on a 5-point scale how often they used The Daily Show with Jon 
Stewart and The Colbert Report.  Responses on these two items were averaged to form an index 
of late-night comedy exposure (= 1.44, SD = .87, 
 = .85).
Conventional News Uses.  

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