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Communication Mediation Model of Late-Night Comedy
Unformatted Document Text:  COMMUNICATION MEDIATION MODEL OF LATE-NIGHT COMEDY 22 political participation. This approach should be a powerful tool to estimate the precise causal influence. Furthermore, employing multiple measures in time should be useful for disentangling embedded communication processes whereby heterogeneous discussion produces distinct outcomes among various groups of people. With improved understanding of sequential arrangement, we might be able to explain the contrasting behavioral consequences of heterogeneous discussion between political experts and novices in terms of different intervening causal routes. Notwithstanding the shortcomings, findings of the present study add to our understanding of collaborative workings of mass media and interpersonal communication in fostering political participation. After all, results reaffirmed the merit of the communication mediation model. However, we believe that investigating multiple facets of interpersonal discussion holding different implications for participatory democracy has further extended the purview of mediators that might be employed in the communication mediation model. Moreover, the pattern of indirect relationships between late-night comedy viewing and political participation through diverse components of interpersonal communication was largely replicated across two different research designs, while introducing another readily available independent variable in the theoretical and empirical framework. Although it is not to suggest that consuming satirical humor plays a mobilizing role under all circumstances, the observed relationships clearly speak to the importance of late-night comedy in fostering political participation via the conduit of interpersonal talk. Notes 1. Unique characteristics of late-night comedy could be summarized by the use of satire to convey a coherent political message . Since the primary goal of this study taps into the effects of political stories with ridiculing twists, late-night comedy was rather narrowly defined to incorporate only those programs belonging to the political satire genre (e.g., The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report), while excluding standard nighttime talk shows

Authors: Lee, Hoon.
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political participation.  This approach should be a powerful tool to estimate the precise causal 
influence.  Furthermore, employing multiple measures in time should be useful for disentangling 
embedded communication processes whereby heterogeneous discussion produces distinct 
outcomes among various groups of people.  With improved understanding of sequential 
arrangement, we might be able to explain the contrasting behavioral consequences of 
heterogeneous discussion between political experts and novices in terms of different intervening 
causal routes.  
Notwithstanding the shortcomings, findings of the present study add to our understanding 
of collaborative workings of mass media and interpersonal communication in fostering political 
participation.  After all, results reaffirmed the merit of the communication mediation model. 
However, we believe that investigating multiple facets of interpersonal discussion holding 
different implications for participatory democracy has further extended the purview of mediators 
that might be employed in the communication mediation model.  Moreover, the pattern of 
indirect relationships between late-night comedy viewing and political participation through 
diverse components of interpersonal communication was largely replicated across two different 
research designs, while introducing another readily available independent variable in the 
theoretical and empirical framework.  Although it is not to suggest that consuming satirical 
humor plays a mobilizing role under all circumstances, the observed relationships clearly speak 
to the importance of late-night comedy in fostering political participation via the conduit of 
interpersonal talk. 
1. Unique characteristics of late-night comedy could be summarized by the use of satire to 
convey a coherent political message .  Since the primary goal of this study taps into the effects 
of political stories with ridiculing twists, late-night comedy was rather narrowly defined to 
incorporate only those programs belonging to the political satire genre (e.g., The Daily Show 
with Jon Stewart
 and The Colbert Report), while excluding standard nighttime talk shows 

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