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Communication Mediation Model of Late-Night Comedy
Unformatted Document Text:  COMMUNICATION MEDIATION MODEL OF LATE-NIGHT COMEDY 2 indirect relationships may exist even in the absence of a detectable direct association, and therefore, the failure to investigate indirect effects due to the absence of a meaningful direct influence could result in the omission of important mediating routes whereby the reception of information produces outcomes. In line with this notion, the current study advances the communication mediation model as a theoretical and empirical framework to investigate the process wherein consuming satirical humor works in concert with interpersonal talk to stimulate political engagement. Recognizing the complementary relationships between mass media and interpersonal talk should shed light on indirect consequences that conventional direct effects models were unable to account for. In a nutshell, it will be argued that consuming late-night comedy can trigger interpersonal political talk, which would in turn spur political participation. The present study endeavors to assess this communication mediation model of late-night comedy at the intersection of the data from an online experiment and a mail survey. Theoretical Model: Communication Mediation Model The idea that interpersonal talk largely mediates between the consumption of news information and individual engagement became widely published upon the introduction of the two-step flow model . Examination of the complementary relationships between mass media and interpersonal discussion culminated with the development of the communication mediation model . One of the implicit premises in the theory postulates that the influence of mass media on participatory behavior is strong, but it is mostly mediated by an individual’s discussion about politics. Building upon the model, showed that citizens’ information seeking and communication, both online and offline, served as an intermediary channeling the effects of news consumption onto civic participation.

Authors: Lee, Hoon.
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indirect relationships may exist even in the absence of a detectable direct association, and 
therefore, the failure to investigate indirect effects due to the absence of a meaningful direct 
influence could result in the omission of important mediating routes whereby the reception of 
information produces outcomes.
In line with this notion, the current study advances the communication mediation model 
as a theoretical and empirical framework to investigate the process wherein consuming satirical 
humor works in concert with interpersonal talk to stimulate political engagement.  Recognizing 
the complementary relationships between mass media and interpersonal talk should shed light on 
indirect consequences that conventional direct effects models were unable to account for.  In a 
nutshell, it will be argued that consuming late-night comedy can trigger interpersonal political 
talk, which would in turn spur political participation.  The present study endeavors to assess this 
communication mediation model of late-night comedy at the intersection of the data from an 
online experiment and a mail survey. 
Theoretical Model: Communication Mediation Model
The idea that interpersonal talk largely mediates between the consumption of news 
information and individual engagement became widely published upon the introduction of the 
two-step flow model .  Examination of the complementary relationships between mass media and 
interpersonal discussion culminated with the development of the communication mediation 
model .  One of the implicit premises in the theory postulates that the influence of mass media on 
participatory behavior is strong, but it is mostly mediated by an individual’s discussion about 
politics.  Building upon the model,  showed that citizens’ information seeking and 
communication, both online and offline, served as an intermediary channeling the effects of 
news consumption onto civic participation.  

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