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The influence of fear appeal on persuasion effects for skin cancer public service announcements (PSAs) according to fear message framing and fear type
Unformatted Document Text:  SKIN CANCER PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS (PSAs) American Academy of Dermatology Association. (2009). Skin Cancer Fact Sheet. Retrieved March 30, 2010, from . Schaumburg, IL. American Cancer Society. (2009). Skin cancer facts. Retrieved November, 4, 2009, from in_cancer.asp Block, L. G., & Keller, P. A. (1998). Beyond protection motivation: An integrative theory of health appeals. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 28, 1548-1608. Cafri, G., Thompson, J. K., Roehrig, M., van den Berg, P., Jacobsen, P. B., & Stark, S. (2006). An investigation of appearance motives for tanning: The development and evaluation of the physical appearance reasons for tanning scale (parts) and its relation to sunbathing and indoor tanning intentions. Body Image, 3, 199-209. Cho, H., Hall, J. G., Kosmoski, C., Fox, R. L., & Mastin, T. (2010). Tanning skin cancer risk, and prevention: A content analysis of eight popular magazines that target female readers, 1997-2006. Health Communication, 25(1), 1-10. Elwood, J. M., Gallagher, R. P., Davison, J., & Hill, G. B. (1985). Sunburn, suntan and the risk of cutaneous malignant melanoma--the western Canada melanoma study. British Journal of Cancer, 51(4), 543–549. Floyd, D. L., Prentice-Dunn, S., & Rogers, R. W. (2000). A Meta-Analysis of Research on Protection Motivation Theory. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 30: 407–429. Hammond, D., Fong, G. T., Zanna, M. P., Thrasher, J. F., & Borland, R. (2006).Tobacco Denormalization and Industry Beliefs Among Smokers from Four Countries. American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 31(3), 225-232. Jones, J. R., & Leary, M. R. (1994). Effects of appearance-based admonitions against sun exposure on tanning intentions in young adults. Health Psychology, 13(1), 86-90. Kahneman, D., & Tversky, A. (1979). Prospect theory: An analysis of decision under risk. Econometrica, 47(2), 263-292. Kahneman, D., & Tversky, A. (1982). The simulation heuristic. In D. Kahneman, P. Slovic, & A. Tversky (Eds.), Judgment under uncertainty: Heuristics and biases (pp. 201-208). New York: Cambridge University Press.

Authors: Kang, Hannah.
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American Academy of Dermatology Association. (2009). Skin Cancer Fact Sheet. Retrieved 
March 30, 2010, from 
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York: Cambridge University Press.

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