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The story of Qi Shi Ma: Online discussion and community engagement in urban China
Unformatted Document Text:  - 19 - Reference List (2010). About Dukuai. Retrieved March 15, 2011, from Bimber, B. (1998). The Internet and political transformation: Populism, community and accelerated pluralism. Polity 31(1), 133-160. Bowen, C. (1996). Modem nation: The handbook of grassroots American activism online. New York: Random House. Camaj, L., Hong, S. C., Lanosga, G., & Luo, Y. (2009). Political discourse on Facebook: A new public sphere? Paper presented to the Mass Communication Division, the 2009 annual convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication, Boston, MA. Cheong, P. H. & Gong, J. (2010). Cyber vigilantism, transmedia collective intelligence, and civic participation. Chinese Journal of Communication 3(4), 471-487. Chow, P. (2007). Internet activism, trans-national public sphere, and state activation apparatus: a case study of Anti-Japanese Protest. Paper presented in International Communication Association, 2007 annual meeting. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), (2010). Statistical report on Internet development in China. Retrieved on November 30, 2010, from Dahlberg, L., (2001). Democracy via cyberspace: Mapping the rhetoric and practices of three prominent camps. New Media and Society, 3(2), 155-157. Dewey, J. (1927). The public and its problems. New York: Holt. Du Shi Kuai Bao (2010). About us. Retrieved October 9, 2010, from Online discussion and community engagement in urban China

Authors: Liu, Zhengjia.
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- 19 -
Reference List (2010). About Dukuai. Retrieved March 15, 2011, from
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Du Shi Kuai Bao (2010). About us. Retrieved October 9, 2010, from 
Online discussion and community engagement in urban China

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