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Technological Constructions of Reality: An Ontological Perspective
Unformatted Document Text:  Running Head: TECHNOLOGICAL CONSTRUCTION OF REALITY integration of theory and research. Communication Research, 11(3), 323-340. Retrieved November 28, 2009 from the EBSCOhost: Academic Search Elite database. Alcañiz, E., Blas, S., & Torres, F. (2006). Dependency in consumer media relations: An application to the case of teleshopping. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 5(5), 397-410. Retrieved November 27, 2009 from E-Journals database. Alvarez, M.R. (1999 October). Modern technology and technological determinism: The empire strikes again. Bulletin of Science Technology Society, 19(5), 403-410. Retrieved November 28, 2009 from the EBSCOhost: Academic Search Elite database. Appignanesi, R. & Garratt, C. (1995). Introducing postmodernism. New York: Totem. Ball-Rokeach, S.J. (1985 October). The origins of individual media-system dependency: A sociological framework. Communication Research, 12(4), 485-510. Retrieved November 28, 2009 from the EBSCOhost: Academic Search Elite database. Ball-Rokeach, S.J. (1998). A theory of media power and a theory of media use: Different stories, questions, and ways of thinking. Mass Communication & Society, 1(1/2), 5-40. Retrieved November 28, 2009 from the EBSCOhost: Academic Search Elite database. Ball-Rokeach, S.J., & DeFleur M.L. (1976 January). A dependency model of mass-media effects. Communication Research, 3(1), 3-21. Retrieved November 28, 2009 from the EBSCOhost: Academic Search Elite database. Baudrillard, J. (2001). The uncollected Baudrillard, ed. G. Genosko. Sage: London. Baran, S.J., & Davis, D.K. (2006). Mass communication theory: Foundations, ferment, and future (4 th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson-Wadworth. Barbatsis, G.S. (1999 Spring). Hypermediated telepresence: Sensemaking aesthetics of the newest communication art. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 43(2). 26

Authors: Vincent, Cindy.
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integration of theory and research. Communication Research, 11(3), 323-340. Retrieved 
November 28, 2009 from the EBSCOhost: Academic Search Elite database.
Alcañiz, E., Blas, S., & Torres, F. (2006). Dependency in consumer media relations: An 
application to the case of teleshopping. Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 5(5), 397-410. 
Retrieved November 27, 2009 from E-Journals database.
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28, 2009 from the EBSCOhost: Academic Search Elite database.
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questions, and ways of thinking. Mass Communication & Society, 1(1/2), 5-40. Retrieved 
November 28, 2009 from the EBSCOhost: Academic Search Elite database.
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newest communication art. Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media, 43(2). 

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