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Teaching Millennials to Engage THE Environment instead of THEIR Environment: A Pedagogical Analysis
Unformatted Document Text:  support one’s position and the depth of critique offered against competing positions. In addition, the sophistication of media text evaluation increased as student struggled to reconcile the imprecise claims in media texts with the more precise and tightly defined claims from scientific sources. Therefore it was determined that RQ2, concerning the engagement of visual representations an blogging activities on comprehension of complex subject matter, could be answered by pointing to demonstrations of increased literacy through the application of abstract frameworks to applied problems and questions. For example, quotations from the post-test surveys included the following observations: • regarding the relationship between blogging and the assigned texts and stories: – “I enjoyed that blogging experience in class. I think it was our gateway of responding to our discussions in class and what we learned in the text book.” – “... we should have done it more and done less reading.” – “It was a good experience. It did help in the overall cohesiveness of the class material.” • regarding deeper and more critical engagements of texts and concepts: – “It was frustrating. But looking back on it I appreciate that I was forced to think about and elaborate on topics I usually wouldn't.” – “The blogging topics were good because the specific topics made me think … The blogging assignments were beneficial because they made me look up certain topics.” 14

Authors: Stevens, Rick. and Crow, Deserai.
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support one’s position and the depth of critique offered against competing positions. In 
addition, the sophistication of media text evaluation increased as student struggled to 
reconcile the imprecise claims in media texts with the more precise and tightly defined 
claims from scientific sources. Therefore it was determined that RQ2, concerning the 
engagement of visual representations an blogging activities on comprehension of 
complex subject matter, could be answered by pointing to demonstrations of increased 
literacy through the application of abstract frameworks to applied problems and 
For example, quotations from the post-test surveys included the following 
regarding the relationship between blogging and the assigned texts and stories:
– “I enjoyed that blogging experience in class. I think it was our gateway 
of responding to our discussions in class and what we learned in the text 
– “... we should have done it more and done less reading.”
– “It was a good experience. It did help in the overall cohesiveness of the 
class material.”
regarding deeper and more critical engagements of texts and concepts:
– “It was frustrating. But looking back on it I appreciate that I was forced 
to think about and elaborate on topics I usually wouldn't.”
– “The blogging topics were good because the specific topics made me 
think … The blogging assignments were beneficial because they made me 
look up certain topics.”

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