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Media Sales Management and New Product Innovation: An Exploratory Study
Unformatted Document Text:  MEDIA SALES AND INNOVATION 10 Two of the stations not currently multicasting are planning to sell advertising on multicast channels (see Table 8). They will use multiple methods to sell advertising on these digital channels. INSERT TABLE 8 ABOUT HERE Table 9 provides quotes from 1-25 GM A and 26-75 GM B regarding future methods of selling advertising on digital channels. As can be seen, the executives appear to have a good conceptualization as to how these channels will be sold once they are introduced. INSERT TABLE 9 ABOUT HERE Discussion Perceived Value of New Product The results of this study highlight that if an innovative product, such as digital television, is positioned by sales management as valuable, it will lead to a sizeable increase in revenues for local broadcasters. Use of appropriate sales training, product information training, and product literature can lead to a media salesperson’s belief in the value of a digital offering. This perception of product value is then transferred to the advertiser through effective sales presentations by media sales representatives. Another method of increasing a salesperson’s perceived value of a particular innovation is through the use of sales incentives or sales contests to promote the sale of the new digital product. This can be especially effective in cases where a competitor station is offering or is planning to offer a similar digital product in the near future (Fu, Jones, & Bolander 2008). In addition, if an innovation’s value is confirmed external to the station, whether by a member of the outlet’s supply chain or a competitor or both, it will lead to the increased perceived value by the salesperson and, subsequently, the advertiser. In this study, external value confirmation is illustrated by the voluntary carriage of a broadcaster’s multicast channels. Voluntary carriage of a multicast channel helps management build a stronger case to its salespeople of the value of the new digital channel. Sales Team Structure

Authors: Holmes, Todd.
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Two of the stations not currently multicasting are planning to sell advertising on multicast 
channels (see Table 8).  They will use multiple methods to sell advertising on these digital channels.   
Table 9 provides quotes from 1-25 GM A and 26-75 GM B regarding future methods of selling 
advertising on digital channels.  As can be seen, the executives appear to have a good conceptualization 
as to how these channels will be sold once they are introduced.   
Perceived Value of New Product
The results of this study highlight that if an innovative product, such as digital television, is 
positioned by sales management as valuable, it will lead to a sizeable increase in revenues for local 
broadcasters.  Use of appropriate sales training, product information training, and product literature can 
lead to a media salesperson’s belief in the value of a digital offering.  This perception of product value is 
then transferred to the advertiser through effective sales presentations by media sales representatives. 
Another method of increasing a salesperson’s perceived value of a particular innovation is through the 
use of sales incentives or sales contests to promote the sale of the new digital product.  This can be 
especially effective in cases where a competitor station is offering or is planning to offer a similar digital 
product in the near future (Fu, Jones, & Bolander 2008).  
In addition, if an innovation’s value is confirmed external to the station, whether by a member of 
the outlet’s supply chain or a competitor or both, it will lead to the increased perceived value by the 
salesperson and, subsequently, the advertiser.  In this study, external value confirmation is illustrated by 
the voluntary carriage of a broadcaster’s multicast channels.  Voluntary carriage of a multicast channel 
helps management build a stronger case to its salespeople of the value of the new digital channel.  
Sales Team Structure

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