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Media Sales Management and New Product Innovation: An Exploratory Study
Unformatted Document Text:  MEDIA SALES AND INNOVATION 13 Furthermore, this research also was conducted in one particular region of the United States. Future research would be of interest which involves various regions both within the country and abroad. In addition, research comparing the markets which are strictly rural as compared to urban areas could be of value. References Atuahene-Gima, Kwaku (1997), “Adoption of New Products of New Products by the Sales Force: The Construct, Research Propositions and Managerial Implications,” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 14(6), 498-514. Avlonitis, George, Kevin A. Boyle, and Athanasios G. Kouremenos (1986), “Matching Salesmen to the Selling Job,” Industrial Marketing Management, ISSN: 0019-8501. Babakus, Emin, David W. Cravens, Ken Grant, Thomas N. Ingram, and Raymond W. LaForge (1996), “Investigating the Relationships among Sales Management Control, Sales Territory Design, Salesperson Performance, and Sales Organization Effectiveness,” International Journal of Research in Marketing, 13 (4), 345-363. Baldauf, Artur, David W. Cravens, and Nigel F. Piercy (2001), “Examining Business Strategy, Sales Management, and Salesperson Antecedents of Sales Organization Effectiveness,” Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 21 (2), 109-122. Booz, Allen, Hamilton (1982), New Products Management for the 1980s, New York: Booz, Allen, Hamilton. Chan-Olmsted, S. 2006, Handbook of Media Management and Economics. Chapter 12, Issues in Media Management and Technology. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence ErlbaumAssociates, Inc. Cooper, Lee G. (2000), “Strategic Marketing Planning for Radically New Products,” Journal of Marketing, 64 (1), 1-16. Cooper, Robert G. (1979a), “The Dimensions of Industrial New Product Success and Failure,” Journal of Marketing, 43 (3), 93-103. ______ (1979b), “Identifying Industrial New Product Success: Project NewProd,” Industrial Marketing Management, 8 (2), 124-135. Cravens, David W. (1995), “The Changing Role of the Salesforce,” Marketing Management, (Summer), 49-57. Cross, James, Steven W. Hartley, William Rudelius, and Michael J. Vassey (2001), “Sales Force Activities and Marketing Strategies in Industrial Firms: Relationships and Implications,” Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management, 21 (3), 199-206. Di Benedetto, Anthony C. (1999), “Identifying the Key Success Factors in New Product Launch,” Journal of Product Innovation Management, 16 (6), 530-544. Dodgson, M. (1994), “Technological Collaboration and Innovation, in Dodgson, M. and Rothwell, R., The Handbook of Industrial Innovation (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar), 285-292. Doyle, Peter (2000), Value-Based Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Corporate Growth and Shareholder Value, New York: John Wiley. Freel, Mark (2000), “External Linkages and Product Innovation in Small Manufacturing Firms,” Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 12, 245-266.

Authors: Holmes, Todd.
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Furthermore, this research also was conducted in one particular region of the United States.  Future 
research would be of interest which involves various regions both within the country and abroad.  In 
addition, research comparing the markets which are strictly rural as compared to urban areas could be of 
Atuahene-Gima, Kwaku (1997), “Adoption of New Products of New Products by the Sales Force:  The 
Construct, Research Propositions and Managerial Implications,” Journal of Product Innovation 
14(6), 498-514.
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Selling Job,” Industrial Marketing Management, ISSN: 0019-8501.
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Salesperson Performance, and Sales Organization Effectiveness,” International Journal of 
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